It’s a beautiful day for a giveaway, don’t you think? And what better thing to share with our readers than a bit of super affordable limited edition art courtesy of 20×200? Best of all, for four days only, Brit & Co. readers have exclusive access to $10 off any piece of art on 20×200’s site, so long as you spend more than $50.

Many of you have probably already heard of 20×200 (revolutionizing affordable art one edition at a time) but if you haven’t, the idea is as simple as this:

Limited Editions x Low Prices + The Internet = Art for Everyone.

The Internet inspiring art for all? In equation form? Now that is definitely something we can get behind. Ever since 2007, when 20×200 launched, we’ve been following this little art engine that could. From emerging artists to experimental ones, with a handful of established heavy hitters in between, this company has made it possible for artists to reach an incredibly broad audience, and for just about everyone to be a proud collector of art.

All of the art, prints and photographs in 20×200‘s carefully curated collection (more than 700 editions by over 250 artists) are produced with the utmost attention to detail. As a former print production maven at 20×200, I can personally attest to this quality. Each artwork is painstakingly proofed over and over again until it is absolutely perfect, and only then does it make its way to the hands of collectors. In addition to a high quality archival print, you get a signed, numbered certificate with every print you purchase, ensuring that the edition you purchase is totally exclusive.

And that’s the key to 20×200. Yes it’s super affordable, but it’s also limited. You’ve gotta snatch up those $24 8x10s while they’re hot! Seriously. You can get an edition (1/200) for just $24. Amazing. So amazing that plenty of other sites have caught on, but none seem to curate quite as carefully as 20×200. At least none that we’ve seen so far.

Above are some of our favorite prints on 20×200. We’ve got a little bit of ’90s (Osiris Mountain by Hollis Brown Thornton), a dose of Bay Area love (prettymaps (sfba) by Aaron Straup Cope), a love for unexpected color (Winter Flags by Youngna Park), and computer geekery (Apple 1 by Mark Richards). There really is something for everyone on this site – in fact, it’s a little bit dangerous if you ask us. ;)

But why give away such already affordable awesome art? To encourage art collecting, of course!! Today’s giveaway is for two $100 gift certificates toward any purchase at 20×200. No strings attached. Here’s what you’ve gotta do to enter the contest:

1. Head to 20×200 and find your favorite print. Let us know which print you’re swooning over in the comments below.

2. Tag a friend who loves “living with art” as much as you do, and you’ll both be entered to win!

Here’s an example of what your entry should look like:

That’s all! The contest closes at 11:59pm Pacific Standard Time on June 30th. The winner will be selected and notified by July 2nd.

And if you just can’t wait for a giveaway and need to get your hands on some gorgeous art right now, we’ve got the goods for you too. Simply use the discount code “BRIT” between now and June 30th and get $10 off any order over $50.

Though this incredible edition by Clifton Burt is sold out, we had to share it. It totally embodies the way we like to do things here at Brit & Co.

If you’re jazzed on using the internet to turn yourself into a collector, check out our posts on Turning Art and how to Use the Internet to Discover Art, and be sure to sign up for 20×200’s email list so you can be the first to know as soon as new editions are released. We look forward to checking out your favorite 20×200 prints in the comments below!! Happy Contest-ing!