Not sure what a pallet is? Or what it has to do with a palate or palette? Well, pallets are often used as shipping crates, and hundreds of them are left at junkyards, on the sidewalk, and in dumpsters. Your palate is your appreciation of taste and flavor, and a palette is a range of colors or the board you mix paints on.

But back to pallets! With a little help from the hardware store and a good workspace, you can turn pallets into desks, chairs, coffee tables, wall art, and more. If you’re a seasoned DIY’er, maybe you’ve even dabbled in a pallet project yourself. In any case, here are 20 projects that are all about repurposing pallets. And be sure to stay tuned for our own collection of pallet projects in the weeks to come!

1. Outdoor Daybed: Can we please live in this outdoor scene? We’re really digging the use of pipes as the edges of the daybed. (via Prudent Baby)

2. Vertical Garden: If you don’t quite have a lawn for planting your very own herb garden, go vertical with it. (via Design*Sponge)

3. USA Wall Art: Chevron and the U.S. of A. Love it. (via Just Laine)

4. Rustic Headboard: Still haven’t forked over the cash for a proper headboard? Make your own with a recycled pallet. (via Stylizimo)

5. Flower Box: This one happens to be a perfect DIY for Easter and all things springy. (via Migonis Home)

6. An Entire Office: What started as a temporary office space solution has become one of the most blogged workspace designs around. (via Design Boom)

7. Picnic Table: We love the idea a mini picnic table for 2 or 4 people. Now, if only it folded up… ;) (via 1001 Pallets)

8. Pallet Ottoman: On the more doable end of the spectrum, this wrapped ottoman is a great combination of rustic and modern. (via Apartment Therapy)

9. Porch Swing: How sweet is this porch swing? (via Sheryl Salisbury Photography)

10. Mason Jar Chandelier: Mason jars and recycled pallets? DIY dreams. (via Etsy)

11. Pallet Top Desk: You might need to hit the flea market to make this one happen. Add a pallet topper to an old vintage desk and you’ve got a great new setup. (via Thistlewood Farms)

12. Pallet Path: Love the mysterious vibe of this path into the woods. (via Latrouwski on Flickr)

13. Twin Beds: Bookmarking everything about this bedroom! (via 1001 Pallets)

14. Pallet Stools: After a good amount of Internet sleuthing, we still can’t find a solid source for this photo and project. In any case, what a great use of pallets! (via Keymas)

15. Coffee Table on Casters: Sand, add casters, and call yourself a carpenter. (via Saidos da Concha)

16. Illuminated Jewelry Organizer: This organizer has a definite diorama feel to it – definitely one to add to our list of organization hacks. (via Rusted Creek on Etsy)

17. Vanity Organizer: Another jar and pallet combo! This one manages to somehow make makeup brushes, lipstick, and Q-tips look rustic. Win. (via Miss Madison’s Charmed Life)

18. Shelves: These shelves are easy to make a great place to store odds and ends, or to display vintage magazines and books. (via Nature’s Heirloom)

19. Toddler Pallet Bed: Kind of in love with this toddler bed! Does it come in full size? (via Lori Danelle)

20. Rustic Kitchen: You can turn pallets into shelves, doors, and more, especially in a country-inspired kitchen. (via Style Files)

21. Pot Rack: This pot rack looks like its straight out of Free Cabin Porn. (via A Greenpoint Kitchen)

22. Pallet Planter: And heading back to the outdoors, these planters are a great way to corral those unruly greens. (via Apartment Therapy + Live Laugh Rowe)

23. Pallet Daybed: Create a cozy nook in your home with a pallet daybed and lots of colorful textiles and wall art. (via Design*Sponge)

24. Workspace: Another pallet-ified workspace, the pallet ping pong table is definitely for the win. (via The Office Stylist)

25. Pallet Bench: Lastly, we’ve got a scene that looks super serene. Perhaps those are DIY pillows too? (via Heather Hobhouse)

Have you ever created something out of a recycled pallet? Tell us about it in the comments below.