It’s been an exciting year when it comes to TV reboots: In 2017 alone, we’ve seen everything from the ‘80s cult-classic Heathers to ‘90s sitcom Will & Grace brought back to life, and the year ain’t over yet! In fact, as Riding in Cars With Boys star Sarah Gilbert shared with ET, we’ll soon be seeing yet another of our favorite reboot dreams realized with the rebirth of Roseanne on ABC.

“It’s great,” she told the outlet. “We’re in pre-production, writers are writing. They’re doing an amazing job, and sets are about to start being built, and it’s getting real.” Aggghhh!

What’s more, the entire cast, including Gilbert, Roseanne Barr, Sarah Chalke (who played the show’s second version of Becky), Michael Fishman (AKA DJ), Laurie Metcalfe (Roseanne’s quirky sister Jackie), and yes, even John Goodman are on board for the project, despite Dan’s supposed fatal heart attack prior to the series’ finale. As for the RL Darlene’s onscreen husband, David, played by Johnny Galecki, there’s a good chance we’ll be seeing him reunited with the gang as well. “We’re very hopeful that it will work out,” the family’s middle child said.

She’ll also have a new addition to her scripted family — an eight-year-old son named Mark (an homage to late actor Glenn Quinn, who played David’s big brother Mark in the series).

Though it’s been a while since Roseanne was the most-watched program on TV — the show nabbed top viewer honors from 1989 to 1990 and ran even longer, from 1988 through 1997 — the now 42-year-old actress says many of the issues her TV family struggled with back in the day are still relevant.

“I think we don’t see many people on TV that are struggling to pay their bills and that’s what many, many Americans are doing,” she explained. “And so that section of the population has been grossly underrepresented and… we’re happy to give a certain section of the population a voice, hopefully.

Metcalfe also shared her thoughts on the show’s revival, telling ET, “I can only imagine that there’ll be a lot of laughs among the cast, because that’s how it used to be.”

We think so too. Three cheers for the Conners big return!

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(Photos via Kevin Winter, Mark Mainz, + Frazer Harrison/Getty)