While a blunt, medium style was the cut of the fall, it’s looking as though the major hairstyle of summer is taking things up a notch – literally. Celebs are heading to the hair salon to transform those shoulder-length ‘dos into short, stylish pixie cuts. Lily Collins has been repping the look for some time now, and Kate Mara also recently took the pixie plunge. The latest celeb to ditch her hair for a sleek, Ruby Rose-inspired style is Rumer Willis.

Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 10.28.01 AM

The 26-year-old actress took to Instagram yesterday to show off her edgy new cut. With long bangs in front and shorter layers in back, the new, jet black locks make Rumer look like a total badass (and also super similar to her mom, who has rocked a similar hairstyle).

The long bangs seen in Rumer’s cut are proving to be a popular choice for the pixies we’ve seen lately. While the classic Halle Berry kind of cut is super low-fuss, it can really only be styled one way. With this longer version of the look, you can twist and pin the bangs, tuck them behind your ear or easily grow everything out and into a super angled bob. We’re getting the feeling we’re at the forefront of a pixie cut takeover – and we’re totally okay with that.

Are you reppin’ a new pixie cut? Share a photo with us in the comments below.

(Photos via @ruelarue + Michael Buckner/Getty)