It happens to all of us — you’re nearing your 30th birthday and the panic sets in (and if it didn’t happen to you, we want your secrets!). You find yourself suddenly questioning your new job, not sure if you want to have a baby, and seriously considering quitting everything and becoming a travel blogger. This period of uncertainty is often overwhelming, causing us anxiety and filling us with doubt. It’s easy to get caught up in your “quarter-life crisis” thoughts, which put a negative spin on major change. So we were relieved when we heard about Saturn Returns. Apparently, this quarter-life crisis is cosmically destined for everyone and it’s all because of Saturn.

Saturn Returns, Explained

While the Earth’s orbit around the sun is 365 days, that time frame is different for every planet, depending on its distance from our bright star. For Saturn, that orbit is about 29.5 years, which means that you see Saturn back in the exact place you were born right before your 30th birthday. It’s time for a rebirth, Saturn-style.

In astrology, Saturn is known as the taskmaster of the solar system — the life coach who practices tough love to ensure you’re living your best life. It has your best interests at heart, as Saturn only wants to see you succeed, but it can be a painful, arduous process full of self-doubt and uncertainty. For the 29-30-year-olds out there, this probably sounds like something you’re going through right now.

Saturn also rules Capricorn, the most ambitious, career-centered sign of the zodiac. See where we’re going with this? Once Saturn returns to its original position in your natal chart, you naturally become consumed with the future: where you’re going, what you’re doing, and how hard you’re going to work to get there. Saturn forces us to face these questions head on until we finally figure our ish out.

four tips for tackling your saturn return

1. Don’t fight it. There’s a certain grace that comes with knowing the chaos in your mind is cosmically foretold, so indulge in your drama, at least a little bit. Sometimes, allowing the frustration, confusion, and doubt to have a place at your metaphorical thought table makes it all seem less intense and scary.

2. Write it out. It scientifically always makes you feel way better to write something down. If you start to feel overwhelmed, write out what’s bothering you. When a bolt of inspiration strikes, grab a pen and paper and follow those thoughts. Start writing new moon manifestations to help solidify your goals. Simply keep a journal that you write in for five minutes a few days a week before bed. Getting those thoughts onto paper will immediately diminish their power, promise.

3. Chase your obsessions. Now’s the time to start pursuing the activities and avenues you feel most passionately about. Love animals but work an insurance desk job? Volunteer at an animal shelter on the weekends. Want to be a full-time writer but work as a dental hygienist? Start picking up freelancing gigs as a side hustle. Not only will you feel more fulfilled on personal level, but you’ll also start making genuine contacts in your preferred fields that could lead to seriously exciting professional opportunities.

4. Remember it will end. You can’t live in crisis mode permanently. Fortunately, Saturn will move out of your natal orbit eventually (in about a year or so). Feelings of anxiety and uncertainty will lift, and you’ll feel all the more clear-headed for it. Trust the process — the universe has your back!

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