Whether you’re in love with notecards and calligraphy or still remember the rush you got when cracking open that fresh Lisa Frank binder before your first day of middle school, one thing seems to be true: Most creatives seem smitten with stationery. Our favorite British site, The Pool, started a conversation about why, in this digital day and age, so many people are still attached to the written word when it comes to correspondence. They consulted an expert and discovered we feel liberated by having choice and are nostalgic about those choices, which include physical cards and pens and notebooks. So in celebration, here are a few of our favorite cards, notebooks, tutorials and Brit Kits to help you get your stationery fix.

1. Holy Guacamole Birthday Card ($4): Break out this card to drop a birthday note to your favorite friend who talks about nothing but avocado toast and chips and guac. But don’t get her started on peas, okay?

2. Wedding Arbor Pop-Up Card ($8): We can’t with how sweet and intricate this cutout card is. The bride and groom will be super thankful for your thoughtfulness.

3. You’re My Main Squeeze Card ($5): Summa, summa, summatime is here, and we love this card as a pick-me-up for someone who might have a case of the summer blues. How could you not smile at pretty limes and cute lettering?

4. Blooms Card ($4): Brighten someone’s day with this colorful, happy card. We especially love the hand-painted flowers.

5. Hipster Glasses Rubber Stamp ($13): How cute would this be as your signature stamp over your return address, or as an all-over pattern on a DIY notecard to a friend? We also love it as a gift tag.

6. Letterpress Starter Kit ($170): If you’re ready to take it to the next level, try our letterpress starter kit. It’s got everything you need to create your own little letterpress factory. Don’t say we didn’t warn you — this is addictive.

7. Calligraphy 101 Class ($20): In just 40 minutes, we can teach you how to get the lettering of your dreams down pat with our calligraphy class, so you can begin writing beautiful, hand-written notes to all those you love.

8. Pocketo Gridded Pen ($5): Pretty is as pretty writes, right? Take these stylish and graphic pens with you so you can jot off a postcard or note the next time you see one on your daily — or faraway — travels.

What else do you like to have when writing a note to a friend? Tell us in the comments!

(h/t The Pool)