Sometimes the Internet can be a little fatiguing. There’s so much to learn, whether it’s from the news, social media or your favorite websites (ahem ;) With one click, you can learn about everything from Syria to DIY home accessories to innovations in wearable technology — or you can just look at pictures of cats and memes of Kayne West. But a few ladies in London who have worked at major magazines like Cosmopolitan want to serve up what’s trending in an easier way, and they’ve created The Pool to do just that.


Here’s how it works: you can opt in to their daily newsletter, which serves up the three things you need to read that day (based on a short profile you fill out), or you can just head over to the website to browse their “broadcasts,” as they call them, which are modeled after the way radio provides information. Pieces are sorted by category; there’s the usual news, lifestyle, beauty, fashion, etc. But what’s really helpful for busy #girlbosses like yourself is that they let you know how much time it takes to read an article. Sooo, basically The Pool is theSkimm meets news app Short. We’re not mad about it.


Flip through headlines + time commitment combos like “JK Rowling Lends Support to Missing Children Campaign” (1 minute) to “Tom Cruise is a Feminist. Apparently,” (30 seconds) to “One Woman’s Experience of Cults” (8 minutes). The website is easy to navigate, free and comes with a cool scrapbooking feature where you can save articles (we’re particularly interested in anything Amy Schumer) for later reading.

Go on and dive in with these gals — and let us know if they replace your current media diet or leave you still wanting more.

What would you like to see on The Pool? Tell us in the comments!