We definitely love dudes with beards, especially when they manage to grow the perfect beard for their face or opt for facial hair that’s wonderfully wacky. And now, great news for anyone who’s hoping to snag a bearded S.O. — science has shown that men with full beards are better long-term relationship material.


According to Ozy, a new study from the University of Queensland published in the Journal of Evolutionary Biology says “that people perceive men with beards… as mature and socially dominant, qualities of someone more likely to secure resources and invest in raising children.”

Their conclusion came about after photographing different men in various bearded (or un-bearded) stages — i.e. clean-shaven, five-day-old stubble, 10-day-old stubble and with an at least four-week-old beard. With a few other variables thrown in (altering the faces slightly), some folks were asked to rate the men’s attractiveness, others were asked to rate their probable short-term relationship potential and the rest were asked to rate their probable long-term relationship potential.


After analyzing the answers of 8,520 women (not sure why fellas weren’t included, TBH), the results were clear. Women “across the board” preferred bearded men to those without beards and considered men with little to no facial hair as more likely to engage in short-term relationships, while men with longer, fuller beards were assumed to be better at (and more likely to opt for) long-term relationships.

So just remember, if you’re truly wondering if your man is up for a long-term sitch, you might want to look past that glorious beard. It may be awesomely attractive, but it could also be swaying your opinion of his lasting potential.

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(h/t Elite Daily; photos via Matt Dutile, wundervisuals, Squaredpixels/Getty)