Is it just us, or do figs seem a little more elevated than your average everyday fruits? Sure, apples make one mean humble pie and cherries know how to rock a tart, but when the two sit next to a fig, you see pretty and plain vs… well… ugly. Yet somehow you want to eat and cook all the things with that bag full of seeds. If we’re all on the same page (and we’ll assume we are), let’s look at the 17 best new ways to cook with figs these days.

1. Strawberry Shake With Homemade Roasted Nut Milk: There’s no way this vegan and gluten-free sippable could even be half as sweet without a little help from our friend, the fig. (via Cloudberries and Spice)

2. Fig Deviled Eggs: How many ways can you make deviled eggs? Lots. How many ways can you make them in under 10 minutes and have them taste this sweet? Probably not lots. (via Jelly Toast)

3. Biscuits Stuffed With Fig Jam: This recipes was originally created to treat your mom to an at-home high tea on Mother’s Day… and really, we think everyday should be Mother’s Day. (via Delicies d’Orient)

4. Sticky Fig BBQ Tempeh: It’s summer, meaning we be BBQing. Don’t leave your meat-free friends out of the festivities. Grill them up some tempeh, slathered in sticky fig barbecue sauce. (via Nutrition Stripped)

5. Coolhaus Balsamic Fig Mascarpone Ice Cream: If you haven’t had the pleasure of checking out this LA-based ice cream company’s treats yet, give this recipe a whirl. (via Cookbooks 365)

6. Coconut Pancakes: Alright, these coconut pancakes can really be topped with anything, but the best things are figs and a sparkler. (via Iron Chef Shellie)

7. Banana Bread With Fig and Walnuts: The battle of who has the best banana-bread recipe is finally over. This blogger wins all the prizes. (via Amsterdam Food Stories)

8. Fig, Candied Orange and Rosemary Hot Cross Buns: Hot crossed buns are not reserved for springtime eating. Not when they’re laced with figs and sugar-coated oranges and sprinkled with rosemary. (via From My Dining Table)

9. Fig, Green Bean and Radicchio Salad With Hazelnuts: If you’re officially sick of summer salads, get ready to be unsick of them. Blanch those green beans and top them all off with not one, but two types of cheese. (via Gourmande in The Kitchen)

10. Duck Prosciutto With Fig Onion Jam: Fig, you fancy, huh? This recipe walks you through the process of making duck prosciutto, then gives you half a dozen ideas on how to eat it. We’ll just be dunking ours straight into fig onion jam, then plopping it into our mouths, thank you very much. (via Wild Greens and Sardines)

11. Fig and Goat Cheese Tart: By calling it a tart, you can get away with serving pizza at your next brunch. (via My Spanish Taste)

12. Fig Scene Snack: The ultimate in movie-night snacking is coming at your via puff pastry. (via Lisbeths)

13. White Chocolate Yoghurt Pots With Black Plum and Roasted Fig: Four ingredients later and this happened. (via Simmer + Boyle)

14. Quinoa + Chia Porridge With Stone Fruit: Seriously? Quinoa, chia and fig in one dish? This is officially the hottest breakfast of the moment. (via Tales of a Kitchen)

15. Caramelized Shallot + Fig Polenta Pizzas: And because even the gluten-adverse want in on the fig-pizza action, here’s a corn-tortilla-looking version. (via Keepin’ It Kind)

16. Homemade Fig Newtons: Sure the Newman’s version is delish, but sometimes it’s more satisfying to DIY. And yes, we will be eating these uncookies in bed. (via Peaches + Cream)

17. Fig Cream With Hazelnuts: Watch out, Nutella; there’s a new spreadable in town. And it’s soon to be the favorite put-on-everything condiment. (via Karla’s Nordic Kitchen)

How are you getting figgy wit it? Let us know in the comments below!