Fashion and tech collabs are nothing out of the norm by now. We’ve seen Chanel headphones courtesy of Monster, a FitBit worthy of Tory Burch prepsters and WiFi connected jewelry from Rebecca Minkoff. But this collaboration between Taiwan-based electronic company Acer and British designer Christian Cowan-Sanluis is one piece of wearable tech that has us doing a double take.

This new creation is called the Selfie Hat, and it looks like your average, oversized, glittery, hot-pink hat at first glance, but then you quickly notice a little something dangling from the brim. That little something would be a tablet. Yes, a freaking iPad-sized device is hanging off your hot pink glittery hat — nothing to see here, folks.

Acer jumped right into the soon-to-be super competitive wearable tech market by partnering with Cowan-Sanluis to create the most extravagant headgear we’ve ever seen. When the tech-sessory debuted at London Fashion Week, the crowds went wild.

The hat spins 360 degrees and has an integrated Acer tablet so that struggling selfie-takers can succeed in a flattering snap thanks to the hat’s strategic picture-taking angle. The hat also comes with a matching, non-wearable tablet case as a bonus. It should mention if you put your device in this case, your tablet will also be wearing a glittery pink hat. (Twinsies!) Although, we can’t think of one reason why you would ever want to take this thing off — no matter if you’re hitting the slopes, swimming laps at the gym or at that farm-to-table dinner on a goat ranch. Wearing this hat is like having your own personal social media paparazzi.

Not surprisingly, someone has already worn it before the rest of us could even Tweet about it. That someone was none other than Lady Gaga. Back in March, she was spotted wearing Cowan-Sanluis’s fall tuxedo with the selfie hat, which didn’t carry the selfie features at that time. But hey, it’s closer than most of us will ever come to donning it. And if anyone can pull off a hot pink glittery suit with matching hat, it’s gotta be Gaga.

The selfie hat is by far the most outrageous fashion/tech collab we’ve seen so far, and we do mean that in the best way possibly. But better hold unto your hats a little while longer, folks, because there is no official price or release date set yet. We’ll be patiently wearing our Pharrell topper until further notice.

In what world would you wear the selfie hat? Tell us in the comments below.

(h/t MTV)