Since Sex and the City first aired over 18 years ago (side note: WHAT?!), the show has made a real case for rocking outrageous and often WTF outfits with no apologies. I mean hardly an episode goes by where you don’t think, “Carrie, WHAAAT are you wearing?” But TBH, that’s kind of what we love about it. If you don’t have time to binge watch an entire season in one sitting (it can be done, people), there’s a new Instagram account that has collected every insane outfit on Sex and the City in one place and added some top notch commentary for you to LOL over.

The account is (not shockingly) called Every Outfit on Sex and the City and damn, y’all. It features some real gems. We’re just going to leave a few of them below. Please enjoy.

Oh, SATC. You’ll forever be our guilty pleasure.

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