Carrie Bradshaw may have just been a character Sarah Jessica Parker played on Sex and the City for a while, but the obsession with shoes? Well, that rings true for both the character and actress alike. No stranger to the footwear industry, SJP has already created a line with both, O Magazine, and Nordstrom, but now she has progressed to a new line all her own.


Simply titled “SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker” the line – which naturally consists mostly of sky-high stilettos – has been available at Neiman Marcus for a few months already, but has only just launched on Zappos Couture. Harvey Nichols and Bloomingdale’s in Dubai are said to be up next.


As far as what you can expect to see in the line, just imagine all of Carrie’s most colorful heels. You’ll find a few pairs in subdued colors like black and nude, but the collection’s backbone is all about super vibrant pops of color. “We wanted to rethink what might be considered a neutral,” Parker says in a video discussing her collection. “We want purple to be the new black. We want gray to be the new black. We want women to be really brazen about using color because I think women are always looking for that little thing to set them apart.”


As you may have guessed from the selected assortment of retailers, while they’re totally beautiful, these kicks definitely aren’t the cheapest on the block. The least expensive shoe is a simple black flat that comes in at $285, whereas the most expensive goes to a pair of leather, lace-up booties retailing for $485. It might be half your rent, but hey, you can’t put a price cap on looking like Carrie Bradshaw, can you?

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(h/t + images via WWD + Jochy Fersobe)