Pattern love runs strong here at Brit + Co and I’m super pumped to share a brand new collection in the B+C Shop dubbed Pattern Play, curated by yours truly.

Some would call my love of patterns borderline obsessive. In fact, it’s going to be a huge problem when power clashing and pattern mixing goes back out of style. As you can see from the side by side below, I’ve been rocking as many patterns as possible without stopping since the ’80s and ’90s.


On the left (also known as 1990), we’ve got a floral vest paired with pale pink patterned pants. On the right (2015 what what!), I’m rocking my ’90s Johnny Depp Clashist tee, galaxy leggings and a leopard print micro puff from UNIQLO. But that’s besides the point — let’s get on with these patterned pieces!


You can check out the whole Pattern Play collection right here, and scroll on to preview some of my favorite picks.


1. I Love You Calfornia Botany Print ($25-$65): I love this whole series of California love prints, but the florals against white in this particular piece make me swoon.


2. Small Patterned Fabric Bucket ($22.50): Have you ever seen a more beautiful bucket? Use this as a catch-all for random things on your desk or on your nightstand, or as a planter in your home.


3. Poketo Pyramids Linen Towel ($12): Dear Poketo, I would like one of every single thing you make. Love, Anjelika.


4. Walking Rock Mini Bucket Bag ($185): This stunner Future Glory has quickly become my daily bag — it fits everything you need (including a water bottle and a sandwich) without ever feeling too bulky. Oh, and that fabric? Vintage Pendleton for the win.


5. Rainbow Triangle Leather Necklace ($72): Bright colors are the jam, and this paint-splattered piece is on point.


6. Concrete Confetti Fanny Pack ($32): IMO, fanny packs never left. They just got cooler. And extremely perfect for spring and summer music festivals, dancing like nobody’s watching (rock that ‘ish on the side for more club-friendly style) and for day hikes.


7. Diamante Terra Blanket Roll ($72): Give this to your next pair of friends who get married and they will love you for it. Or splurge on it yourself and make picnic plans, stat.


8. Frills Sip Sip Tumbler ($14): I have to admit, when the “tumbler” trend of hydration hit a few years back I had serious reservations. Were people just re-using fountain soda cups that they got at rest stops during their most recent road trip? Why were people sharing their love of hometown teams on a CUP? But then, the folks at served up this little piece of loveliness and I totally converted. And you know what? I am way more hydrated.


9. Art Pop Large Clutch ($76): If you feel like carrying around a piece of art instead of an accessory, you should probably hit up this clutch.


10. Geometric Pillow ($31): Oh throw pillows. Can you ever have too many? YES, but it is so tempting to get all the pretty ones and sacrifice a corner of your living room to all of them.


11. Mouth Pattern Notebook ($12): For some reason, this notebook reminds me of the Talking Heads album/video/concert/experience Stop Making Sense. And I like it.


12. Rainbow Triangles Wall Decal Set ($57): If you’re a renter, wall decals are your new best friend.


13. HAPI Zig Zag Tray ($58): If you stare at this for long enough,the pattern turns from white and black to blue and gold. JK JK JK.


14. Cotton Basket ($80): What! Little Turkey Temps snuck into this graphic basket and never wants to leave. Though these are dubbed baskets, they also make for great extra-large totes for outdoor adventures, trips to the farmer’s market and for carrying your pup!


15. Shapes and Colors Lines Dinner Napkins, Set of 6 ($72): Chances are, you’ve spotted this colorful set of linens in more than one DIY post on We just can’t get enough.


16. Ribbons Overlay Pillow ($31): What did I tell you about throw pillows? ;)


17. Wood Statement U-Necklace ($45): Wood u like more patterns? Sorry, I had to.


18. Citron Lidded Basket ($66): I had no idea how much I *needed* a lidded basket until laying my eyes on this beaut.


19. Love Band Tattoos, Set of 11 ($15): Patterns you can wear on your skin? Oh yes.


20. Mountain Gift Wrap, Set of 3 ($13): And finally, if you’re planning on sending me any of these items as a gift, you should probably wrap it up in this funky patterned wrap. Kthxbai.

What’s your favorite item on this list? Any other patterned favorites from the B+C Shop? Share them with us in the comments below.