If you get our newsletter, then you already know that we’ve got a brand new collection of goodies in the B+C Shop. This week’s topic? Survival. But not like the kind that involves burying yourself in the snow to keep warm — the kind that’s about those everyday necessities for living an organized and creative life. From headphones to a pocket Mister Fix-It, here are 10 of our favorite tools for modern survival.

1. Woah Nice Nails! Manicure Set ($20): Chipped nail? Never. This kit’s got everything you need to keep those nails looking stellar at all times. And the mini turquoise scissors will come in handy for more than just your nails!

2. Summery Brights Washi Tape ($10): We are serious washi addicts around here and this summery set is just what the DIY doctor ordered ;)

3. 8 Tools in One iPhone Case ($45): Yep, you read that right. This case has scissors, tweezers, screwdrivers and more. It’s your pocket Mister Fix-It.

4. Cool Mint Headphones ($18): You’ve always gotta be ready for a solo dance party, and these come with a handy case to make sure they don’t get tangled up.

5. Paint Pens ($4): Always up for a last minute DIY, paint pens are pretty much the most versatile tool in any crafty gal’s kit.

6. Power Link Knot ($40): Keep the keys to powering your tech in the same place you keep the keys to your home!

7. Sticky Roller Notes ($9): Love leaving anonymous love notes everywhere you go? ;)

8. Mint Monocle Speakerphone ($40): What’s that we said about being dance-party-ready? This is what you need to an instant group dance-off.

9. Striped Canvas Accessory Bag ($36): Handmade by Texas-based company W Durable Goods, this catch all pouch will keep all your odds and ends organized and accessible.

10. The Pink Shot Flask ($25): Call it a case of the Thursdays, but we’re pumped for the weekend and always know how to keep things spiked.

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