Say what? Totes that talk back? Yeah, TOTES. This collection of typographic carry-alls is packed with fun pieces to add to your everyday look. It’s part of a whole slew of talkative goodies that just arrived in the shop. Now we just need one that says “Totes!” ;)

1. Locals Tote ($30): Created by Honey & Bloom as a celebration of shopping and supporting local businesses, we love the idea behind and the design of this tote.

2. Hooray Canvas Tote ($20): Hip hip! We are SO excited to have in the B+C Shop, we want to shout HOORAY from rooftops everywhere.

3. Hustle, Darling Tote ($32): Tell everyone to hustle, but with a touch of old school love.

4. Seaside Life Tote ($30): The end of summer may be right around the bend, but we are always up for a weekend by the sea.

5. Kale-afornia Girls Recycled Tote ($17): This. Is. THE BEST! I think about half of the folks at Brit HQ have ordered this tote in the last two weeks.

6. Wink Tote ($25): ;)

7. La Dolce Vita Tote ($32): Printed in gold shimmery ink, this romantic tote is the perfect thing for a weekend getaway.

8. Great Big Bag of Stuff ($10): Like to always be equipped? Consider this your new favorite carry-all for trips to the beach, the park or the farmer’s market.

9. Bluebird Everyday Tote ($60): Though this is technically a tote, it delivers a lot more than your typical fold-it-up canvas piece. On the outside, it’s water and stain resistant, features top grade leather accents and a double reinforced leather bottom. The inside has two interior pockets for keeping your smaller things organized, so it totally works as a bag for commuting. The best part? Every bag sold helps provide a child in need with the gift of education.

10. Let’s Go Sailing ($25): Cue up Christopher Cross’ Sailing and sit back, close your eyes and dream of an aquatic adventure.

What kind of tote do you use on the daily? Talk to us on Twitter and remember to tag #shopbrit.