In thinking about cakes last week, we got to thinking about cupcakes, cake pops and pancakes. So, we decided to revisit our Christmas Cookie Cutter Cakes with a creative, colorful, dessert-friendly twist.


– food coloring

– all purpose baking mix

– 2 eggs

– 1 cup of milk

– star cookie cutter

Mix up your batter, as directed.

Separate into bowls or tupperware containers, and mix in each color.

Heat up a skillet or griddle so it’s pancake-ready.

Get your metal cookie cutter ready by rubbing a bit of cooking oil on the inside edges.

Place your oiled cookie cutter in the pan, and pour in a couple spoonfuls of batter. You don’t want it filled all the way, since the batter will rise naturally. Flip it as carefully as you can to heat the other side. Some may spill out, but that’s alright. Be sure to cut it away with a spatula and set aside, discard, or snack. ;)

Once both sides are cooked, remove the cookie cutter from your skillet and let cool for 2 minutes. Gently use your pointer finger to press the cake out of the cutter.

Repeat until you’re finished with your batter, and stack! If you’re serving these for breakfast, they actually make great finger food without any syrup.

For a more decadent breakfast or for dessert, serve topped with whipped cream and the most colorful sprinkles you can find.

How do you add color to your breakfast? Send recipe ideas our way in the comments below and we’ll give ’em a try!