For what seems like forever, skinny jeans have ruled the denim sphere. Sure, we like how they make our booties look, but they have been making headlines for all the wrong reasons lately, like how Google’s trend report shows they’re losing popularity fast. We also know doctors have warned against the skintight denim for ladies on the mend from a UTI or even men who are trying to conceive, but now skinnies have just been slapped with another possible warning label.


According to BBC Health, an Australian woman recently developed a condition called compartment syndrome when she spent several hours squatting in her skinny jeans while helping a friend pack and move. The syndrome is a debilitating and seriously painful condition where muscles swell up and even bleed when under pressure and can lead to nerve damage and issues with blood flow. Doctors had to cut off her jeans because her calves had ballooned in size and she was left unable to walk for four days.


Yikes! While this latest news is alarming, there’s no need to shred your skinny jeans, as this is the first reported case like this. Either way, the trend seems to finally be on its way out, and thankfully for our booties, there are plenty of awesome denim styles ready to take over.

Do you think you’ll keep your skinnies are will you toss ’em? Tell us in the comments below!

(Featured photo via Justin Sullivan/Getty)