We love our domesticated pets and all (take our advice and find one here if you don’t already have a furry companion to fawn over), but our love and curiosity for those animals we don’t get to interact with on a daily basis runs deep. Zoos and tech advancements in livestreams (will April the giraffe EVER have that baby!?) give us a decent glimpse at wildlife, but sometimes we just want to be CLOSER, ya know?

There’s one inaccessible animal in particular we’d pretty much give anything to spend an evening with: the sloth. With those gentle eyes and cuddly mannerisms, our desire to touch one of these creatures is strong. Almost too strong to handle, in fact.

Which is why we’re pretty much FREAKING. OUT. About the fact that the Zoological Wildlife Conservation Center in Rainier, Oregon, is offering up slumber parties with our favorite exotic beings. For a mere $600 per double-occupancy tent, you can “observe natural behaviors and interact with a colony of sloths during…their most ‘active’ time of day,” with an option to “read, relax, and even nap” when the sloths sleep. We repeat. YOU CAN NAP WITH A SLOTH WHILE IT SLEEPS.

Each sloth camp habitat will be shared by up to eight campers, and accommodations include a double-size safety-screened tent cot, a double-size mattress and bed dressing, a porta-potty, a TV, a flashlight, and hand-washing station.

Better act fast, though — this once in a lifetime opportunity is expected to be banned nationwide soon by federal law, according to the center’s website.

Register to book your adventure here.

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(h/t Elite Daily, photo via @marlamakesstuff)