If you’re looking for a soulmate with the same energy levels, party preferences and hobbies as you, and you don’t mind the occasional shedding, one website can fetch you the ideal companion — canine companion, that is. Pet adoption and rehoming can be a hair-raising process for both animals and their owners. Fortunately, PawsLikeMe is making things easier with their online pet adoption service that pairs you with the perfect pooch near you.


PawsLikeMe’s philosophy is that personality runs more than fur-deep, and that pets are as unique and complex as you. That’s why a critical step in the pet rehoming process is allowing pets and owners to find caring companions that really get them. To use PawsLikeMe, all you have to do is visit the website and answer a free questionnaire about your personality and habits, along with your zip code for a more targeted match. The service’s sophisticated pet-matching algorithm combines four personality quadrants for canines and humans — energy, confidence, focus and independence — and weighs them based on environmental factors and special needs. These factors might include wanting a pet that is housebroken or good with children.


After PawsLikeMe determines people-to-pet compatibility, it fetches numerous pet matches and indicates the percentage of accuracy in matching. Once you’ve found “the one,” you can use the website to make an inquiry about the pet or even to make adoption payments. After an adoption is completed, PawsLikeMe will send you a package that includes 30 days of free pet insurance, discounts on pet food, supplies and toys, a training guide and even a certificate for proof of adoption.


PawsLikeMe isn’t simply for individuals seeking pets, but also for those putting their pets up for adoption. Anyone is eligible to post a pet for adoption on PawsLikeMe. Not only will they ensure that these pets find a home, but they’ll donate half of the adoption fee to a non-profit pet rescue or shelter too. You can support a great cause and rehome your pet without guilt.

Whether you’re on the prowl for a new pet or are looking to responsibly rehome your existing pet, we have a feeling that PawsLikeMe is going to become man’s best friend.

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