We could all use a kitchen that reminds us to smarten up our eating choices, but even The Jetsons didn鈥檛 have a kitchen that cool. Countertop ($100) aims to turn your kitchen into a genius spot that can track your lifestyle choices and help you meet your nutritional needs. It works with all of the appliances you already have, suggesting recipes based on your likes and dislikes and your workout schedule. This flat countertop piece can sync with the way your life is already set up. It even helps you by giving step-by-step instructions in its 鈥渕ake鈥 mode. Countertop, will you help us with the dishes? From the looks of it, it鈥檚 not too far off.

countertop 5

We could definitely go for some of that avocado toast and egg right about now.

countertop 6

Countertop can give recipe and meal suggestions based on the time of day, your activity and your present nutritional needs 鈥 all in a kitchen tool about the size of a tablet.

countertop 2
countertop 3

Not only is countertop helping us eat better, but it can also inspire us to get out of our eating comfort zones.

If you鈥檙e as amped up about this product as we are, you鈥檙e going to want to try it out. Go ahead and use the code BRITCOFAMILY for $10 off in addition to the 50% pre-sale price. Happy, healthy eating, y鈥檃ll.

Do you think this kitchen accountability tool would help you eat better and get more creative in the kitchen? We do.