Summer is in full force down here in Austin, and the high temperatures have us hankering for icy daydreams. Snow cones are definitely a summer staple. I decided to take this childhood favorite and make it the perfect 5 o’clock treat with some fresh ingredients and a cocktail twist. Ditch the styrofoam cups and upgrade to cocktail glasses. Set out the garnishes and booze, and have your friends over for a DIY snow cone happy hour! Perfect end to a sizzling summer day.

For each cocktail, you’ll need 1 cup shaved ice per serving – I picked up plain shaved ice from a local snow cone stand. Use a snow cone maker if you have one or crushed ice will do the trick in a pinch!

1. Pina Colada Snow Cone
 – 1 cup shaved ice

– 3 tablespoons coconut cream

– 1/4 cup of diced pineapple, plus more for garnish

– 1 ounce rum

Put shaved ice in cocktail glass. Pour coconut cream and rum over ice. Garnish with fresh pineapple!

2. Mojito Snow Cone
 – 1 cup shaved ice

– 3 tablespoons simple syrup (simple syrup recipe here)

– sprig of fresh mint

– 1 ounce rum

Add rum and simple syrup to ice. Garnish with fresh mint!

3. Sweet Tea Vodka Snow Cone
 – 1 cup shaved ice

– 1/4 cup sweet tea vodka

– 1/4 cup water

– lemon

Mix water and sweet tea vodka together. Pour over shaved ice and garnish with lemon!

So simple, but so refreshing!

What are your favorite icy summer treats? Tell us in the comments below!