So you want to dress up for Halloween, but are dreading slipping into an itchy costume or wig? Don’t worry, there are options! You can take the lazy approach (we won’t judge) and throw on one of these amusing t-shirt costumes, or wear something more festive by amping up your Halloween-inspired wardrobe. These 25 closet basics and accessories embody the spirit of the season to ensure you’re both stylish and comfy this 31st (and beyond…if you dare!)

1. Fang Sweatshirt ($39): Want to dress up as a vampire without piling on pale makeup? Try this chomping sweatshirt on for size. Open wide!

2. Peek-A-Mew Top ($28): If a cat has nine lives, then why is this little guy so shy? Maybe it’s because it loves playing peek-a-mew (well done, ModCloth).

3. Embroidered Skull Skinny Jeans ($79): Skulls plus skinny jeans equals a match made in rock and roll heaven. Be bold and take these jeans out for a spin after Halloween with a chambray shirt and moto boots. Who knows? You might like it!

4. Spider Stud Earrings ($116): We’re obsessed with these creepy crawly studs. Purple rhinestones give these spiders an eerie glow.

5. Lattice Back Long Sleeve Maxi Dress ($98): Morticia Addams, eat your heart out! Look like the ultimate hot villian in this dramatic “spiderweb”maxi.

6. Swing Dress with Contrast Collar ($45): Or channel a sweeter spirit with this darling Wednesday Addams look-alike dress. This frock is full of potential, so plan on it being in heavy rotation after the trick or treating ends.

7. Sheer Luxe Solid Stripe Pantyhose ($20): Who’s the wickedest witch at the party? It’ll undoubtedly be you if you’re rocking this amazing striped tights.

8. Pendleton Skull Portfolio Bag ($178): The brand known for American heritage design busts out this unexpected woolen skull pattern for their portfolio bag. And we LOVE it, especially as a way to stash your candy!

9. All Over Skull Shirt ($63): This collarless skull blouse is fun and flowy. The high-low hem makes it even more effortlessly cool.

10. Who Could Be Saddle Shoes ($38): Remember saddle shoes? Apparently you can still rock these scholastic kicks at any age. Make them last past the 31st by painting on a pop of color.

11. Ghost Sweater ($41): ‘Sup boo? This friendly little ghost will certainly make any outfit spooktacular.

12. Skull Scarf on a Checked Background ($26): This scarf proves that skull print can be posh. Swirling filigree looks like smoke over a chic plaid pattern.

13. New Stud Ear Beanie ($28): We find this eared beanie totally amewzing. Studs add some edge to this cuddly beanie.

14. Cat Loafers ($228): These cat loafers have been causing noise for a while now, and Halloween is a perfect excuse to snatch ‘em up, cat burglar style!

15. Scallop Peplum Dress ($39): Channel all things pumpkin without looking like one in this scalloped dress. A plunging mesh neckline keeps things feeling flirty.

16. Hip To It Skirt ($48): We’ve all seen skeleton bone leggings, but have you ever seen a skeleton bone pencil skirt? This piece is definitely worth a one-time wear.

17. Eye Candy Earrings ($12): Eye spy a pair of blinking baby blues! As creepy as it sounds, eyes are on trend, so you can rock these studs year round.

18. Cropped Sweatshirt with Embroidered Eye ($50): Now’s your chance to be a one eyed, one horned, flying purple people eater! Do it!

19. Bat Print T-Shirt ($104): There’s nothing scary about this burnout bat print. A long, relaxed fit makes it great for layering.

20. Blanket Wrap Coatigan in Kitty Pattern ($80): You’re looking mighty cozy, kitten! Wrap yourself in this ribbed knit to ward off chills and mis-cast spells.

21. Striped High Waisted Skinny Jeans ($118): Beetlejuice? Robin Thicke? Either way, you nailed it! These striped pants are near legendary at this point.

22. Golden Slither Cuff ($248): Let’s not forget these creepy crawlers this Halloween! Though we must say, this cuff sure makes these snakes look chic!

23. Reverse Meow Skater Skirt ($60): How adorable is this cat face skater skirt? It would look oh so pretty paired with a flowy chiffon blouse and ankle booties, too.

24. Embellished Knitted Skull Sweater ($57): Who knew a skull could look so elegant? Beautiful sequins and beads dress up this friendly skull face.

25. Sugar Skull Earrings ($12): Celebrate the Day of the Dead in style with these super cute sugar skull studs. Or check out our insanely gorgeous makeup tutorial if you’re looking for a more full-faced way to get in on the action.

Are you opting to wear spooky streetwear this Halloween? What will your getup look like? Tell us all about it in the comments below!