With a holiday weekend behind you, technically you should now be back at work feeling refreshed and ready to get stuff done. But let’s be real: You’re probably actually still a little hungover from that skiing trip or day dreaming about that romantic Valentine’s Day dinner. So what’s the secret to getting back into that 9 to 5 frame of mind this week? It could be Spotify’s new playlist.


The music platform partnered with Dr. Anneli Haake, who specializes in evaluation, research and training for music and well-being projects, on a playlist that’s meant to crank up your productivity at the office. Spotify and Haake researched office listening habits for a month, which led them to a few interesting statistics: 36% of workers find that music helps to get them through the day, 20% of workers find that listening to music is a welcome distraction from their “boring” jobs and 16% admitted that they listen to music to drown out colleagues – because Cindy’s boy troubles aren’t that interesting when you’re hearing about them for the eighth time.


So which tunes made the cut? Well, surprisingly you won’t find any Beethoven here. In their study, they also came to the conclusion that 34% of people chose pop as their preferred genre. So the songs curated for this playlist aren’t dissimilar to what you might hear on the radio. It opens with a tune from Adele and moves onto the Arctic Monkeys, Rhianna, Katy Perry and Calvin Harris.

While we were hoping for some more obscure picks that magically had us writing at 100 words per minute, these songs will still definitely get your blood pumping and head bopping – that’s kind of a non-negotiable when Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” starts flowing through those headphones though, right?

To listen to the full playlist head on over to Spotify’s blog.

What songs get you “in the zone?” Let us know in the comments below or share a link to your favorite playlist!