In the beauty realm, one of the most challenging things a girl can do is take makeup from the runway or the pages of a magazine and try to make it work IRL. Not only can it be hard to re-interpret some of the more off-the-wall looks, but when models have teams of professionals sculpting their features, the task can feel pretty overwhelming when it’s up to Y.O.U. Well, we’re here to say it shouldn’t be, not when you really break down the high-fashion looks to their beauty basics core, which is exactly what we’re doing here. We picked out six of our favorite big-in-2015 eyeshadow trends and hacked how to replicate them into super wearable versions by — get this — using just ONE eyeshadow palette, and you might already have it in your makeup stash!


If you’ve followed a lot of our tutorials, you know that the Urban Decay Naked Eyeshadow Palette ($54) is a staple item for all things beauty around Brit + Co, not to mention a cult favorite among the rest of the beauty set. This palette has twelve different neutral shadows in it, so the possibilities are pretty endless when it comes to the looks you can create. It is a little pricey, but this neutral-shaded baby will last you a good year or two even if you use it daily. Get excited — these looks are so simple and so versatile.


Grab that palette, get to know the hues and let’s get started!

Bright Eyes

A luminous white eyelid is a go-to for a minimalist gal who wants to branch out without being too dramatic.


To get this look, use a flat eyeshadow brush to tap a Virgin, a shimmering cream shadow, onto your brow bones and the inner and outer corners of your eyes. For a more dimensional look, sweep Sin, a shimmering shadow with a more rose undertone, onto the center of your eyelids and blend into the spots you applied Virgin.

Brown Lid

A nude face and a matte brown eyelid will give you a natural-feeling boldness while maintaining an understated vibe.


For a very Olsen Twins take on a smokey eye, sweep Buck into the creases of your eyelids with a fluffy eyeshadow brush. Then use Side Car, a silvery bronze shadow, to darken the center and outer corners of your eyes. Then, gently smudge along your lash line with Side Car with a less fluffy eyeshadow brush.


Purple Smokey Eye

Colorful smokey eyes are on top of the list for this season’s biggest shadow trends, with a purple hue for the win. It’s a twist on the classic look that’s a little softer but still ready for date night.


Start off by sweeping the bronzy purple Toasted from the inside corners to the center of your eyelids using a flat eyeshadow brush. Then, with a fluffy eyeshadow brush, apply Hustle, a deeper purple shimmering shadow, in circular motions starting just slightly outside the corners of your eyes and blending into the outside creases of your eyes. Using a smaller, more firm smudge shadow brush, sweep Toasted along your lower lash line to really sell the smoldering look.


Bronzed Lid

Good thing the bronzed goddess look isn’t going away anytime soon. This season, we’re focusing the glow on just the eyelids for a more subtle take on the beachy trend. You can even pull this shadow look off with minimal makeup and no mascara if you were in a pinch for time.


Start off by applying Half Baked, a golden shimmer shadow, all over your eyelid using a fluffy eyeshadow brush. Be sure to avoid the creases of your eyelids. Then use a firm, flat angled brush to apply Darkhorse, a cool shimmering brown shadow, into and slightly above your upper lash line. This is going to help give the illusion of thicker lashes as well as add a pop of drama.


Pop Of Color

On the runway, a pop of color tends to be dramatic. Here, we’re turning it into a wear-everyday look by using a metallic shadow instead of a vibrant hue and using a makeup hack to bring out the boldness.


Dip a flat eyeshadow brush into a bit of water and dab it on a paper towel to remove the excess. Before you apply to your lids, sweep the shadow on the back of your hand to make sure the brush is not too wet (the shadow should gently glide on as if it were cream-based). Once you get the shadow/water ratio down, apply a thin layer of Gunmetal, a metallic blueish-gray shadow, from your lash line to half way up your eyelid. Keep the lines clean and sharp and the depth of shadow even throughout the almond shape you are applying. Notice how when Gunmetal mixes with water, it gives off a muted blue tone that’s just bold enough.


Graphic Liner

Wearing graphic eyeliner on the daily can be challenging, but at the end of the day IS definitely doable! For this tutorial, you want to take the shape with a grain of salt. If you have big eyes, maybe play with shortening the length of the lines to help balance your eye shape, or if your eyes are smaller, make them a little longer.


Use a pointed eyeliner brush dipped in water to pick up Creep, a deep black shimmering shadow. Do a test swipe on the back of your hand before applying a cat eye. We drew one that blends across your upper lash line and flicks out slightly beyond the inside corners of your eyes. The trick here is to make sure both sides are symmetrical. The beauty of using eyeshadow to achieve this graphic liner look is that it will naturally appear softer than it would if you were to use an eyeliner that has a much more prominent pigment.


Now do you see why we consider it a can’t-live-without palette?


Do you have a favorite makeup palette? Share in the comments section below!