When it comes to the latest beauty trends, we love a dramatic new hairstyle. And when that makeover comes with an asymmetrical finish, well, color us smitten. A lopsided silhouette is *so* versatile that we recommend it for anyone — regardless of length, texture, or face shape. Whether you’re rockin’ a short and curly bob or a long and layered lob, the styles below will inject a modern vibe into your classic cut.

1. Textured Coif: Give your short ‘do an uneven effect when you leave your bangs long on one side only. We love the simplicity and low-maintenance vibe of this pixie cut variation.

2. Seriously Sideswept: Cut half of your bangs super short and keep the other side long to achieve this unbalanced hairstyle.

3. Slightly Off Bob: A little extra length can really make a hairstyle pop. Try a slightly off-center part and then leave some longer pieces mixed in — but only on one side. Tuck your hair behind your ear for extra effect.

4. Blunt Waves: Shoulder-length styles look fab when you tilt the cut too! Go super blunt and leave subtle variations in length to achieve this choppy, dramatic look.

5. Bobbed & Buzzed: Why not mix a few trends together! We love this balayage undercut with a little asymmetry sprinkled in for good measure.

6. Half-Cut Curl: Integrating subtle length variety will give your hair dimension without having to sacrifice manageability. You really can have both long *and* short hair at once when you pair them with your natural curl!

7. Sleek & Angled: Asymmetry can look the most dramatic on super straight hair. Add length to your neck with an off-kilter bob in sleek, angled layers.

8. Pixie Side Part: Take a bouffant pixie to the next level when you leave one side a little longer and don’t forget to turn up the volume. Add in some waves and color for a gorgeous show-stopping snap.

How does asymmetry look on you? Show us your new ‘do and tag us on Instagram!