Short-haired girls, this one’s for you! Contrary to popular belief, long-haired ladies don’t have all the fun (or was it blondes?). Sure, longer locks give us license to rock some pretty intricate braided hairstyles, but the beauty of short hair is the fact that you can have your cake and eat it too! You get all the perks that come with a no-fuss cut, while still getting fancy every once in a while. So whether you’re all about that lazy-girl hair or you’re looking for some braided hairstyle ideas, we’ve hunted down 73 of the most pin-worthy short hairstyles that’ll have you ready for just about any occasion. Here’s your short hair guide to any lob or bob hairstyle you could ever dream of.

lob hairstyle french twist

1. Sleek French Twist: Calling all Joan Holloway’s wannabes. Channel you inner ’60s babe (a la Mad Men) with this sleek and simple french twist ‘do, fit for the office or your first summer wedding. (via Byrdie)

lob hairstyle slept in blowout

2. Slept-in Blowout: This is the style that keeps on giving. Show off your short layers by blowing out your hair, then rock it a second day for a sweet and disheveled boho feel. (via @taylorlashae)

bob hairstyle headwrap

3. Headwrap: Second-day hair, don’t care! Add a vibrant scarf to your dirty short locks for a bonus pop of color. Did we mention this easy ‘do will give you some extra snooze time in the morning? (via @madmavenstyle)

bob hairstyle middle part

4. Middle Part: Give your down hairstyle a polished look with a classic and on-trend middle part. This sleek split evokes that “off-duty model” appeal. (via @vivaluxuryblog)

(C) Jennifer Coffey

5. Braided Deep Side Part: Breathe new life into those spiral locks with a pretty deep side part. Add a 3D braid for extra bounce and texture in your already-voluminous ‘do. (via Brit + Co)

half up braided crown bob hairstyle

6. Half-Up Braided Crown: Braided crowns aren’t just for long-haired gals. This soft and romantic braid is perfect for festivals, date night and just about any event you can think of. (via Travel & Treasures)

hidden braid bob hairstyle

7. Hidden Braid: This style is allll about what’s happening in the back. Add some extra dimension to a messy ponytail with this runway-ready hidden braid. (via Hair Romance)

bow bob hairstyle

8. Bow Barrette: Bows make everything better! Throw a girly barrette on your next beehive hairstyle, to give your look a retro touch. (via @keikolynn)

dutch halo crown bob hairstyle

9. Dutch Halo Crown: Strut into work as a modern-day angel with this delicate halo crown. Did we mention this also makes a great second-day hairstyle? (via Brit + Co)

elegant updo bob hairstyle

10. Elegant Updo: From your sister’s graduation to your BFF’s wedding, this elegant updo will get you through all your fancy events. Face-framing tendrils make for a sightly undone yet still-polished look. (via Camille Styles)


11. Double Buns: ’90s babes rejoice, ’cause double buns are back! Kick it old school with this adorably playful throwback style, fit for brunch with the gals or an all-night dance marathon. (via Elle)


12. UO Heart Bobby Pin Set ($6): Love is in the air! Well, at least it’s in your hair. Kick off a summer of love with these cute metallic bobby pins.


13. Half Knot: Whether you’re heading to work or hitting the gym, this half knot is the perfect style for the lazy girls among us. Who doesn’t love a ‘do that takes less than a minute? (via Brit + Co)


14. Textured Twist: If you seize every opportunity to get glammed up, this one’s for you! From a day out in wine country to meeting your S.O.’s parents, this flawless updo is great for any elevated occasion. (via Camille Styles)


15. Simple French Roll: With wedding season fast approaching, many of us with short hair are left wondering what we can possibly do with such little hair. Enter this french roll. (via Travel & Treasures)


16. Backcombing Tutorial: Wanna give your short style a little boost? Backcomb your hair to add some extra volume to your tresses. (via Brit + Co)


17. Flared: Forget the beehive! Give your hair a modern twist and build some volume at the ends, rather than the crown of your head. (via @styledbylizsustaita)


18. Faux Slick Back: Give your hair some retro glam with this faux slicked-back look. The gold bobby pins add a modern twist. (via Popsugar)


19. Half Pinned: Going for an effortless appeal? Pump up the volume with this half-pinned ‘do. (via @milabu09)


20. Audrey Updo: Channel you inner Hepburn with this classic updo. To fully commit to the look, snip your bangs and sweep them off to the side. (via Popsugar)


21. Short-Hair Waves: While it may seem nearly impossible to get waves with your regular old curling iron, a smaller barrel (¾ inch) can put an extra bounce into your cropped ‘do. (via Brit + Co)


22. Poof: Bringing us back to the ’00s, this romantic hair poof is making us long for the days of Jersey Shore (okay, maybe not — but it still looks great!). (via @joanntupponceinc)


23. Milk Maid: Give your hair some European flair with these sweet double crown braids. Pair with a blinged-out ear crawler to add a bit of edge. (via @dani_roberts_hairandmakeup)


24. Rolled Braid Updo: Let’s get a little proper! The Downtown Abbey fans among us will adore this classy updo made with two Dutch braids rolled tightly into a chignon. (via The Wonder Forest)


25. Messy Updo: Messy never looked so good! This style is a fantastic combo of romance mixed with lazy-girl style. (via @milabu09)


26. Asymmetrical Lob: Get ready for your close-up! Look red-carpet ready IRL with this chic asymmetrical ‘do. (via Brit + Co)


27. Slicked Back: Draco Malfoy’s got nothing on you. Give your ‘do a bit of an edge with a slicked-back look that’s as simple as it sounds. (via Byrdie)


28. Floral Garland: Gearing up for festival season? String together some fresh florals, and look like the boho goddess you truly are with this vibrant ‘do. (via @keikolynn)


29. Twisted Bun Hawk: If you’ve nabbed yourself that coveted wedding party slot, don’t let short hair keep you from being the belle of the ball — second only to the bride, of course. Sport this beautifully intricate (and totally worth it) bridesmaid ‘do. (via Brit + Co)


30. The Side Sweep: A few bobbies can go a long way. Give yourself a faux shaved side — and an awesome new accessory — with a cluster of multicolored bobby pins. (via Refinery 29)


31. Deep Side Part: Show off your cool-girl status with this deep-parted ‘do that requires minimal effort. Wear it with a boho frock for a laid-back, summery look. (via @madmavenstyle)


32. Braided French Twist: Add a twist to your twist with a single messy braid, giving your look some extra dimension as well as a more casual tone. (via @goldplaited)


33. Tousled Back and Chic: Throw your hair in the air like you just don’t care! Give your updo an updated look with this fresh ‘n’ tousled style. (via Brit + Co)


34. Rolled Chignon: Got a big date coming up? Take a classic approach with this smooth and polished rolled-up chignon. (via Camille Styles)


35. Au Naturel: Embrace those curls with this voluminous style. The face-framing layers are great for giving the look some extra dimension. (via @bombshellss)


36. Hollywood Waves: Give your ‘do some dramatic flair with these award show-ready waves. Though this look may seem rather fancy, the vintage style is easy to achieve with a curling iron and some hair spray. (via @thecutlife)


37. Braided Bob: Who knew you could get so much from short hair? Turn your bob into beautiful braids with this “undone” updo. (via The Beauty Department)


38. Hair Tuck: Low-maintenance and on-trend are one in the same! Saunter into the office looking like the chicest of #girlbosses with this thoughtlessly glamorous tucked-in ‘do. (via @brandnewjames)


39. Cornrows: Give yourself a style with staying power in the form of this tight and trendy braided ‘do. It’ll take you from a morning of yoga to mimosas at brunch. (via @palomaford)


40. Pinned-Back Curls: For a look reminiscent of your schoolgirl days, pin back a deep side-parted ‘do. This look works best with big and beautiful curls. (via @freshlengths)


41. Side Braid: Give your look a little edge by rocking a faux shaved side with a tightly woven 3D braid (a la Cara Delevingne). (via Brit + Co)


42. Blunt Cut: Give your shoulder-length hair a clean-cut, no-fuss look with this razor sharp blunt style. This look is perfect for fashionistas and minimalists alike. (via @michelletakeaim)


43. Zig Zag Part: The evidence is overwhelming: The ’90s are back with a vengeance, and they’re ready to put a little zig (and zag) into your typically straight part. Wear this look with a relaxed down ‘do, or double up on the retro style with some pigtail buns. (via @laboogs)


44. ASOS Bright Flower Hair Clip ($14): As spring comes rolling in, so does the slew of floral… everything! Give in to the power of the flower and don on some pretty floral clips on your shoulder-grazing locks.


45. Boxer Braids: Though these adorable braids have been around for ages, boxer braids are definitely having a moment. This firm-holding style is perfect for almost any occasion, from the gym to girls’ night. (via @tamiastyles)


46. Hat Hair: Hat hair isn’t just for winter. Trade in your beanie for a panama hat for the easiest hair hack there is. (via @vivaluxuryblog)


47. Rainbow Glitter Roots: Put some bling in your ‘do — without any accessories. These sparkly rainbow roots take your hair from sweet and sleek to a glittering work of art. (via Brit + Co)


48. Messy Top Knot: Wanna perfect your topknot? Here’s a hint: It’s all about the volume. Jump on the topknot train with this hack for mastering an essential messy style. (via Ma Nouvelle Mode)


49. Double Dutch: Add an extra pop to your straight, styled mane (and we’re not talking about the pastel color!) with these fun and flashy 3D braids. (via Hair Romance)


50. Comb: Pump up the glam with a large metal comb for a style that reminds us of prom in the best way possible. This look would work best with curls or relaxed waves. (via @vivaluxuryblog)


51. Messy Fishtail Braid: A single braid can make a big impact. Add a chunky fishtail to the side of your hair for a quick and easy style boost. (via @kristin_ess)


52. Braided Part: Girls can rock a fauxhawk too! Forget those dainty little braided parts, and opt for a Dutch middle part for a look that makes a serious statement. (via Cosmopolitan)


53. Braided Chignon: This versatile style is perfect for almost any event, from a night of networking to a music festival. Keep it clean for more proper occasions, and play it up with fresh florals or clips for your concert events. (via Twist Me Pretty)


54. Half Boxer: Loosen the reins on your typical tight boxer braid with this messy half-up style. Simply create two loose Dutch braids that meet in the middle, and let the rest of your locks fall free. (via The Beauty Department) 


55. Cornrow Ponytail: While cornrow braids tend to make a statement, for this look, downplay your braids by keeping them mini. Balance the look with a statement lip or smokey eye. (via @freshlengths)


56. French Fishtail: Skip the pins, and sweep your hair to the side with this French fishtail. Keep things loose to maintain the look’s soft appeal. (via The Beauty Department)


57. Macrame Half ‘Do: Macrame is more than just wall wart. Put a spin on your classic half ‘do with this intricately knotted style. (via @kristin_ess)


58. Dutch Side Braids: Looking for another go-to ‘do to add to your bag of tricks? This pretty style is perfect for your on-the-go hair routine. Simply create two dutch braids with a loose texture for a work style you can finish in minutes. (via Brit + Co)


59. Double Side Braids: Give your hair an edgier vibe with just two braids! Contrast the tightly plaited sections with soft, easy waves for maximum impact. (via @kristin_ess)


60. Faux Bangs: Get a little more out of your short ‘do by creating some side-swept bangs. Bonus points for matching your barrette with your lipstick! (via The Beauty Department)


61. Pinned-Back Twist: Give your hair a bohemian mystique with a backcombed style accented by a pinned-back twist. (via A Beautiful Mess)


62. French Knots: Here’s a style you don’t see every day. Create these easy-to-achieve French knots for the ultimate head-turning look. (via Brit + C0)


63. Sewed Hair: Get a little crafty with your daily hair routine; bust out your sewing kit for an outside-the-box statement piece. (via Rubi Jones) 


64. Faux Florals: Who needs flowers when you’ve got hair? Show up at all your summer weddings looking as pretty as a bouquet with these pinned-up hair swirls. (via A Beautiful Mess)


65. ASOS Open Diamond Hair Clip ($10): Add some geometric appeal to your half-knotted ‘do with the simple addition of this hair clip.


66. Loose Half Braided Crown: Will you check out that lilac hair? Parade around the office like a workday queen with this loose and messy braided crown. (via @shelleygregoryhair)


67. Braided Crown: If you’re too busy to fuss with your hair — but still want to look flawless — try out this simple braided style. Put your hair up into a tight braided crown for a look that holds all day and requires minimal upkeep. (via @tamiastyles)


68. Asymmetrical Ponytail: Go for an uber-polished yet totally effortless look with this simply twisted style. This five-minute ‘do will take you from after-work drinks to a first date, no prob. (via Brit + Co)


69. Choppy Cut: Go ahead — press snooze one more time. For a cool and casual style, opt for a choppy cut and and sport this relaxed “meh” hairstyle that will take you approximately zero minutes to style. (via Travel & Treasures)

70. Beachy Waves: Capture Lauren Conrad’s signature California style with some free and loose beachy waves. This look can go from causal to fancy like that. (via Little Miss Momma)


71. Low Half Knot: Bring a touch of sophistication to your staple laid-back ‘do with a low-riding top knot. Hold it in place with an elastic, or set it with some pins for a style as chill as Sunday morning. (via Treasures & Travels)


72. Chain Braid: Skip the headband, and trade up for a chain braid instead. It’s a poised and polished style you can take anywhere. (via A Beautiful Mess)


73. Bombshell Curls: Put a little pep in your step — well, in your hair — with these big and beautiful bombshell curls. This confidence-boosting hairstyle is perfect for a night out with friends or even a trip down the aisle. (via Hair Romance)

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