Wedding season is upon us. Except this year, instead of receiving the invitations, you’re the one sending them (congrats!). It’s no secret that planning your big day can be stressful, especially when there are so many decisions to make, from cakes and favors to decorations and flowers. Whether you’re a traditional bride or you like to stray from the norm, here are seven flowers to complement your spring wedding.


1. Succulents: They’re certainly not a traditional pick, but succulents can make for a beautiful bouquet when complemented with softer flowers, like baby’s breath. (Photo via First Comes Love)


2. Peonies: You can’t go wrong with peonies. Delicate, dainty and feminine, they look gorgeous at every stage of bloom. (Photo via Emblem Flowers)


3. Tulips: These beauties are truly a classic selection. If you’re looking to make things easier on yourself, a tulip bouquet will give you a combination of simplicity and elegance. (Photo via Abby Jiu Photography)


4. Hydrangeas: There’s something about this flower that gives off such an ethereal feel. They’re very appropriate for a spring wedding, and they make for a full and lush bouquet. (Photo via Candi’s Floral Creations)


5. Magnolias: In full bloom, Magnolias are such a regal flower. Plus, you’ll smell like a dream walking down the aisle. (Photo via Jose Villa)


6. Daffodils: Aren’t they just the friendliest-looking flower? Daffodils are so bright and vibrant, plus their unique trumpet-shaped centers make them a standout pick for any bouquet. (Photo via Flirty Fleurs)


7. Gerbera: Think of gerberas as a fancier-looking daisy, but a toned down sunflower. They’re super pretty, and another classic spring wedding pick. (Photo via Blue Rose Photography)

What are your favorite spring flowers to see at weddings? Let us know in the comments below!