The 11 Most Creative Engagement Announcements
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The 11 Most Creative Engagement Announcements

Summer is the time for celebrations, as you may have noticed on our site lately. We recently celebrated the (exciting!!) opening of the Brit + Co shop. We just celebrated the 10th anniversary of The Notebook. And we are getting ready to celebrate the 4th of July with some red, white and blue jello shots. Does it get any better than that? Well, maybe. If you’re engaged, it’s probably an even more exciting summer for you. We bet you can’t wait to announce to all of your family and friends your newly betrothed self. Well, we’ve got you covered with 11 engagement-announcement ideas that will have you kissing your new fiancé with excitement.

1. Bright + Fun: So. Much. FUN! The bright colors + stripes are a match made in heaven. (via Grey Likes Weddings)

2. Emotive: If you and your lover are full of emotion (of course you are! You’re getting murried!), you can’t go wrong with a moving black + white photo. (via Joy Marie Studios)

3. Rustic: This rustic announcement is full of whimsy and charm. Seriously, how adorable is it? (via Mimi Nguyen)

4. Humorous ($5): Excuse our language, but getting engaged is effing exciting. This announcement is for the couple who doesn’t take themselves too seriously.

5. Personable: Making your engagement announcement personable is more fun than sitting still for a posed portrait. A couple on a bicycle made for two is too cute. (via Junebug Weddings)

6. Woodsy: How about a woodsy engagement announcement that almost looks like a movie poster? We’re all about its simplicity. (via The Apartment Photography)

7. Witty ($5): Feel like you’ve been waiting FOREVER for your partner to pop the question? Or maybe it’s your friends who are always asking, “When are you to going to… ” Well, now you can tell them to can it. Your engagement is on like Donkey Kong.

8. Romantic: LOVERS! We can just feel the romance this photo emotes. (via Megan W)

9. Artistic: There are almost no words for the beauty and artistry happening here. A scene like this would make for a perfect announcement. (via Oprisco Photography)

10. Classic ($16): Rather make your friends read? Send them an invite to your swinging engagement party. It’s going to be the event of the season, undoubtedly.

11. Sweet + Simple: It doesn’t get much sweeter than this. (via Lauren Conrad)

What is your favorite engagement announcement style? Let us know in the comments.