It鈥檚 common for brides and grooms to match their invitations to their wedding theme. It makes total sense, right? But usually that鈥檚 limited to rustic fonts for a vintage wedding or curly script for a romantic garden ceremony. But one Chicago couple decided to take it a little further when they chose to send out 3D arcade game invitations to match their bar-arcade wedding venue. Amazing!

Their venue is stocked with old school arcade games, sparking the couple鈥檚 idea to step outside of the box with 鈥80s-eque invites. The invitations were created by graphic designer William Flegal and were built to display all the important details of the couple鈥檚 big day on the outside of the 鈥済ame.鈥

We鈥檝e seen some pretty sweet save the date ideas, but 3D invites take the cake. In fact, it鈥檚 totally something we would do!

To save on postage, the invitations were mailed flat, leaving guests with the excitement and fun of putting them together upon arrival. According to the bride, some guests had a little bit of difficulty with the construction and gave up (WHAT?!?!?!). The couple knew that type of trouble was a possibility, but the two were still set on giving their guests the gift of a one-of-a-kind wedding invitation experience. And, in our opinion, they definitely did.

What do you think about doing 3D wedding invitations? What kind of unique invitations have you seen? Share with us in the comments below!

(h/t The Knot)