If there’s one thing our color- and pattern-lovin’ minds can’t get enough of, it’s street art and stunning staircases. Put the two together and we go into a major visual coma. We’ve scoured the Internet to find some of the most artistic staircases from around the globe. With everything from rainbow hues to stunning B+W photography, these steps are serious eye candy that take street art to a whole other level… literally.

1. Stairs of Peace, Syria: With its pastel hues and diamond pattern, this staircase is one we wouldn’t mind running up and down to get our sweat on. (Photo via Jood Voluntary Team)

2. Origami Steps, Angers, France: This French artist folds her way to creative street art installations all across the world. These steps up to Saint Maurice Cathedral are just one of her many paper art feats. (Photo via Mademoiselle Maurice/Bored Panda)

3. Flower Steps, Sicily, Italy: If you are going to walk up stairs this long and steep, you might as well have some pretty flowers to gaze at while you take a breather. (Photo via Andrea Annalorro)

4. Pensive Man, Rio de Janeiro: This stunning B+W photography has us mesmerized. We could seriously have a long stare down with this pensive man, and that’s not just because these stairs are on the steep side. (Photo via JR Art)

5. 16th Avenue Steps, San Francisco, CA: We might be biased here, but these are our favorite steps in all the land. Artists Aileen Barr and Colette Crutcher came up with the designs for the 163 mosaic panels, and over 300 neighbors joined in to help make them. (Photo via Yellowfish Tumblr)

6. Musical Theater Steps, Seoul, South Korea: Imagine going to the theater all dolled up to encounter this stylish dame. (Photo via Kimhwan SEOULIST)

7. Patterned Steps, Lebanon: These brightly patterned risers make our hearts go aflutter. We are starting to wonder why all steps aren’t painted in this pretty fashion. (Photo via Paint Up Facebook)

8. Museum of Art, Philadelphia, PA: We’re not sure how Salvador Dali would feel about getting his perfectly groomed mustache stepped on, but by the look on his face, he seems fairly intrigued. (Photo via rleigh/Flickr Creative Commons)

9. Mar Mikhael Stairs, Lebanon: That’s it. We’ve died and gone to geometric stair heaven. (Photo via Paint Up Facebook)

10. Branded Body, Heidelberg, Germany: How rad is this branded bod? We’re not sure who the artist is, but we wouldn’t mind seeing a whole lot more of their work. (Photo via Adme)

11. Rainbow Stairs, Istanbul: Yes, you can now walk the rainbow. Just purchase a ticket to Turkey and you are one step closer to achieving this colorful dream. (Photo via Daily News)

12. Wolf and Girl, Ottowa: These fierce steps are after our nature-lovin’ hearts. (Photo via Bored Panda)

13. Piano Step, Valpraiso, Chile: Is anyone else picturing that scene in BIG when Tom Hanks plays the floor mat piano? It would be oh-so rad if these were working keys. (Photo via Jean-Baptiste Yunès)

14. Rosy Stairs, Tehran, Iran: Instead of painting the risers, this artist went all-out floral on the tile staircases. (Photo via Farsizaban Tumblr)

15. Tiled Steps, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: These mosaic-style stairs are bright, cheery and full of Brazilian culture and color. (Photo via Justin Travels)

16. River of Life, Lebanon: Your eyes are not deceiving you. These mirage-esque, stream-like stairs are serious eye candy. (Photo via Paint Up Facebook)

Which steps are you loving? Any cool ones that we missed? Let us know in the comments below!