Home is definitely where the heart is. A lot of love goes into the details of making it feel just like YOUR home, from the adorable front doors to utilizing every teeny tiny space. But what about those stairs? Usually the first thing your guests see, the stairs should be an introduction to your style and set the scene for your entire home. These nine sets of sweet walking wonders take statement stairs to a whole other level. So step right up, because we have something that’ll surely cause some serious staircase envy.

1. Rainbow Spiral Staircase: Nothing brightens up a home like every color of the rainbow. Take hues from this London-based home’s staircase designed by Ab Rogers. It’ll be hard to not smile with every step you take. (Photo via John Short)

2. Storage Stairs: Don’t just think of stairs as, well, stairs. You can make them into truly anything you want. Storage? Shelves? Desk? Whatever floats your boat works in the world of steps. (Photo via Mieke Meijer)

3. Spinal Staircase: Yes, you read that right. This staircase created by Philip Watts is located in Northampton, England and is a replica of the human spinal cord. Baby got back. (Photo via Philip Watts Design)

4. Floating Stairs: Belgians know funky, modern staircases (along with really great chocolate and beer). You’ll feel like you’re walking on air with this set of floating red steps. (Photo via Tom Janssens)

5. Lighted Stairs: Dubbed the Orange House, this private residence located in Turkey is every color-lovers’ dream come vividly true. The staircase lights up the household in a bold, unique way. (Photo via Yazgan Design)

6. Playground Stairs: Slides are the new stairs, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Take inspiration from this East Village Penthouse designed by Turett Architect, and your inner child will thank you. (Photo via Turett Architect)

7. Bright Steps: Why so serious, steps? Take it up a colorful notch or two and consider painting your steps a bold, funky color. (Photo via Hanne Fuglbjerg)

8. Curved Geometric Stairs: The SDM Apartments located in Mumbai, India are the brain child of Arquitectura en Movimiento. Each two-story apartment features a modern, geometric staircase, which becomes the focal point of each humble abode. (Photo via Arquitectura en Movimiento)

9. Bookshelf Stairs: Okay, while not your standard definition of stairs, this set at the Panorama House in Korea is worth changing your preconceived notions. Designed by architect Moon Shoon, this wooden slide paired with lots o’ bookshelves is creating a new staircase norm. (Photo via Namgoong Sun)

What’s the coolest set of stairs you’ve seen lately? Tell us in the comments below.