In most regards, we feel like we totally got the better end of the gender stick. We get to pretend our zits don’t exist, our shoe choices are significantly broader and, oh ya, we can make tiny people. With our bodies. One thing we do envy from our X chromosome-carrying counterparts is their ability to um… relieve themselves quickly and pretty much anywhere. The lack of a men’s bathroom line has us seriously considering throwing the following invention in our purse.

Stand Up is a device that does pretty much exactly what it sounds like. It helps you answer nature’s call in a much timelier fashion. When in need of an outdoor pee, we’ve all fallen victim to the squat, but let’s be real, that never really works out so well. The Stand Up is a disposable, biodegradable option you can easily throw in your purse or back pocket.

As far as instructions go, well, apparently, it’s super simple. Just pop the Stand Up open to form a cone shape and it’s ready to help you get your pee on. But not on you. Have the narrow side pointing away from you, creating a funnel-type situation. And voila! You’ve just completed your first stand-up pee. Exciting!(?)

This little helper is going to do wonders for festival going, considering the germ factor (or more like lack there of). How many times have you been in a dive bar, checked out the facilities and opted to hold it? Well now just whip out one of these and all you really have to touch is the toilet paper.

At $1 each ($6 for a pack of 6), these aren’t something we’re going to use every time we gotta go, but they could absolutely be a life (and bladder) saver for things like camping, music festivals or cringe-worthy porta potties.

Would you try one of these contraptions? Have you already? Let us know where you stand… or sit!