If only we could sing enough praises for the humble t-shirt. Whether flowy and tucked into a pair of boyfriend jeans or actually belonging to bae and borrowed as a night shirt, the jersey-knit staple can be found in just about any closet. We love them, whether simple and chic, graphic and neon, screen printed, tie-dyed, plain ol’ white, delightfully tacky or repurposed t-shirts made into any number of other things. As the ubiquitous indicator of personality, it’s only fitting that your favorite t-shirt fits you, well, to a tee. Here are 13 t-shirts that say it all for you.


1. Sriracha Tee ($26): Hot sauce on wings. Hot sauce on pizza. Hot sauce on everything… even you! Match this top with your own version of Kylie’s latest emerald locks and you’ve got the whole look on point.

Ice Cream Therapy

2. Ice Cream Therapy ($28): Pints on pints, amirite? We’ll take Ben + Jerry over Freud + Jung any day of the week.

Mom Life Sweatshirt

3. Mom Life Sweatshirt ($34): You don’t have to be a mom to vibe with this cozy-looking sweatshirt. ‘Cause let’s be real, the only way to complete a yoga pant, top knot and cuppa Starbucks look is with this top.

Oh Kale Yeah

4. Oh Kale Yeah ($20): Are you grad of Kale University? The best way to rock this tee is if you’ve had the leafy green at least once in the past hour day.

Dogs Before Dudes

5. Dogs Before Dudes ($35): Everyone knows puppy love is the truest form of love. Romantic love can never even come close.


6. Purrito Tee ($24): Can’t decide if you’re more of a cat lover or a burrito lover? It’s cool. We’ve been there. Word to the wise, this tee will help you realize your equal affections for both sides.

Brunch Tee

7. Brunch Fiend ($28): Eggs Benny, bacon, mimosas, hash browns, omelettes, dim sum, Texas toast, bloody Marys… You know that list is endless, so wear your love for all things brunch loud and proud.

Pho Shizzle

8. Pho Shizzle ($20): Pho queens (and kings!), you know that this tee is almost as great as the number one noodle soup of choice.

In Pizza We Crust

9. In Pizza We Crust ($24): Regardless of your real religion, one simply cannot deny the all-holy combination of carbs, tomato sauce and melty cheese. Go ahead and bow down. Just swear on all things pepperoni not to start any feuds over the best topping.

Sorry I'm Late

10. Sorry I’m Late ($24): The only thing missing from this way-too-accurate tee is the parenthetical statement, “not sorry.”

Good Grammar

11. Good Grammar ($30): You might get a few double takes when you wear this word-nerd-chic shirt. Don’t worry, they won’t be offensive stares. Everyone will just want to make sure that sentence is correct.

More Tequila

12. More Tequila ($24): Grab a lime wedge, lick your hand and add a dash of salt, then throw back a shot and start prepping a to-die-for marg. Oh, and wear this shirt, of course.

Game of Thrones Tee

13. Game of Thrones Houses Tee ($26): If you’ve binge watched the HBO series and have a candle-lighting ritual that invokes the Lord of Light to keep George R.R. Martin alive long enough to finish the novels, you need this shirt.

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