Stevie Nicks is a singer, songwriter and a legend. The former Fleetwood Mac member joined Mick Fleetwood’s group back in 1974, and masterminded hits like “Sara” and “Landslide” before parting ways with the band in 1991. Stevie might have joined Fleetwood Mac with her ex-partner Lindsey Buckingham, but during her tenure in the band, she dated Mick Fleetwood for three brief months before it all fell apart. And when it did, Stevie turned to her creativity to help her through the pain.

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“We broke up, my best friend Sara fell in love with him and that just turned into a nightmare,” Stevie revealed in her interview with MOJO magazine for their January 2016 issue. “It was horrible, horrible, months of sitting in that [recording] room, five days a week, all day long, and all night sometimes, sitting on the couch just watching, writing in my journal and watching some more, and crocheting scarves by the dozen, it was a very strange atmosphere.” Yes, she crocheted scarves by the dozen.

According to psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi of the Claremont Graduate University in an interview with CNN, this phenomenon is called “flow” and it’s a state when your mind gets so “absorbed by an activity nothing else seems to matter.” That kind of explains why when you’re knitting, crocheting or doing some other kind of crafting activity, it’s extremely therapeutic — almost meditative. Eek, but the next time you go through a breakup, consider picking up some needles and getting to work.

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Clearly crocheting scarves ended up helping Stevie get through the rough patch, and she stayed with Fleetwood Mac 12 more years before going on to have an illustrious solo career of her own. You go, Stevie. And we’d pay serious money for one of your scarves.

Did any sort of crafting or art ever help you through a breakup? Share your story with us in the comments below!

(h/t Mojo Magazine; photos via Neilson Barnard/Getty + Evan Agostini/Getty)