So… you’ve been dating someone for a few weeks, and you’re totally into him/her but you guys haven’t had that whole DTR — “define the relationship,” FYI — talk yet. Do you get ’em a holiday gift? If so, what? You don’t want to spend too much and make him/her feel pressured ($40 and under is a good rule of thumb), but at the same time, you don’t want something so generic and cheap that they don’t feel special. It really is a fine line you gotta tread in these early stages of dating. We’re here to help you out with some thoughtful and personal enough — but not too personal — holiday gifts that will make that fine fella/lady (maybe) yours for keeps… somewhere down the line.

Gift Ideas for Your (Sort Of) Gal

1. But First, Coffee Thermal Mug ($14): She’s told you she’s not a morning person and coffee is the love of her life. While you may never usurp the place of coffee, this sweet mug is a good way to let her know you still dig her.

2. Meow Stemless Wine Glass Set ($16): Wine + kittens — what could possibly be better? It’s a set, so prepare to be invited over for a wine date.

3. Nice Brunch Tee ($30): In the few short weeks you’ve known her, have most of her weekend plans consisted of brunch with her gfs? Yeah, she’ll probably love this shirt.

4. Marbled Jewelry Tray Kit ($25): Encouraging her creativity def makes you boyfriend/girlfriend material. Don’t worry, it’s just a jewelry holder and not any jewelry… yet. Maybe by her birthday, there will be a follow-up gift that will go perfectly with this — feel me?

5. Marc Tetro Schnauzer Key Chain ($14): First of all, if you get something with her dog on it, she’s going to love it. Artist Marc Tetro is known for his dog art + accessories, so find her fave breed. And who knows, maybe someday this key ring will have YOUR keys on it too.

6. Ms. Betty’s Originals Badass Bitch Candle ($18): Give props where props are DUE to the (newish) badass b in your life. This gift is great as a hostess present when rolling up to her holiday party.

7. STAK Ceramics Bloom Phone Vase, Orchid ($32): If she loves her smartphone as much as she loves flowers, this phone vase is perfect. Bonus: It’s a gorgeous decorative piece and she’s going to seriously appreciate your good eye for aesthetics.

8. Finch and Cotter Custom Mixtape Pillow ($35): So people don’t really make mixtapes anymore, but back in the day, it was the ULTIMATE way to let your crush know you were into them. This custom pillow sends the same message, plus you can personalize it with her fave colors and initials.

9. Getaway Passport Holder ($24): The two of you probably connected for you love or travel. This chic passport holder is a subtle way to let her know you hope the two of you will be booking some trips together someday.

10. Rifle Paper Tea + Coffee Calendar 2016 ($18): This stylish calendar is going to look so good on her wall. Plus, you’re telling her that you’re thinking about the future with this gift ;) Mark the cal with your next date to give this sweet gift some extra-special meaning.

Gift Ideas for Your (Kind of) Guy

1. Custom Wrapped Flask ($32): Sure, it’s personalized, but chill — it’s not your initials monogrammed together or anything. It’s thoughtful enough to be like, “Hey, you’re kinda special.” Here’s how to ensure when he’s sneaking a drink at his family reunion, he’ll be thinking about you ;)

2. Harry’s x Movember Shave Set ($20): Beauty and grooming products are always a good gift idea for the almost-boo — it’s personal but not too intimate. You also want him to look his best for your company’s holiday party when he meets your friends and co-workers for the first time. Plus, this kit goes toward a good cause.

3. Grow and Make DIY Hot Sauce Kit ($34): You’ve got a few dates under your belt by now, so you know if your dude likes his food spicy. This DIY hot sauce kit is the perfect way to let him know you’ve paid attention to his eating habits. Plus, add a cute little note to let him know you think he’s muy caliente.

4. Baseball Trophy Wine Bottle Stopper ($24): Perhaps on one of your first dates, he regaled you with tales of his days in Little League over a bottle of Pinot or maybe you know he’s a huge Oakland A’s fan. Whatever the case, he’ll love this unique wine bottle stopper from Etsy — creative and sweet.

5. Warrior Double IPA Beer Making Kit ($40): A month in or so, you should know if beer is his drink of choice. If your guy is the home-brewing type, this kit by the Brooklyn BrewShop will allow him make his own!

6. Multi-Tool Animal Gadget ($18): This is possibly the most adorable pocket knife set ever. Different configurations are different animals — and if you dude is an animal lover (um, trait to look for on the dating checklist?), he’ll definitely appreciate this.

7. Watch + Tie Travel Tube ($30): This watch and tie travel tube will come in handy when he heads home to visit his fam. Plus, it’s super chic and will help keep him organized — hopefully both traits he’ll appreciate you for. Maybe you’ll score an invite next year.

8. NFL Freaker Socks ($20): Show him you know his fave team or player with these NFL socks. We promise he’ll love that you’ve been paying attention. Bonus points: Include an invite to watch the game together.

9. Bixby Keychain Mustache Comb ($16): Did you fall in love with his enviable mustache at first sight? Let him know with this hilarious Bixby Keychain Mustache Comb that is sure to keep his facial hair on point.

10. Guitar Pick Punch ($25): Your eyes met across the room. He was onstage strumming on his guitar and you were in the audience, and when he started singing, he was singing for you. *Sigh* Okay, even if that’s not how it happened, your guitar-playing sorta boo will definitely love this DIY guitar pick punch.

Did you get your kind of S.O. anything for the holidays? If so, what? Tell us in the comments below!