It’s probably a requirement that somebody mentions a futon when you talk about needing extra sleeping space for guests. And don’t worry, we cringe right along with you. That is, until we discovered that there are actually futons out there that don’t look like they belong in a college dorm room. Surprised? Take a look at these 10 fabulous futons and become a believer.

1. Pink Futon ($589): Neon makes any piece of furniture almost irresistible. Pick up this beauty and all of your friends will be wanting to have a sleepover.

2. Midcentury Convertible Sofa ($499): Fold it this way or that way — no one will guess that it’s a comfortable place to sleep until you show them.

3. Chesterfield Futon ($1,385): If you’re in need of something a bit more classic, you’ve just gotta try out this fantastic futon. It would even fit well in a bachelor pad.

4. Convertible Sleeper Sofa ($1,299): Here is the perfect solution for a guest sleeping space in your small, family-friendly home.

5. Rio Convertible Sofa ($590): Not only will you gain the bright eye-catcher your living room needs, but you’ll also get more sleeping space.

6. Faux Fur Futon ($599): Holy sheepskin! This mini futon looks like the ultimate luxe relaxation station.

7. Camel Futon ($358): It’s streamlined, leather and impossibly chic. You’ve probably already decided that you need this gem in your apartment.

8. Templeton Futon ($220): This futon will bring a lot of pattern play into a small space. It’s perfect for a tiny guest room or office.

9. Luxe Fur Futon ($599): If you need more sleeping space, but not that much, this little futon will make a cozy reading nook during the day and a pleasant bed for one at night.

10. Gravel Futon ($999): Looking for a little mod style to add to your home? Say hello to this fab futon.

Do you do have a fantastic futon that we missed? Send us your links below!