When you buy a new couch, there are a few things to consider. First, price. Let’s not break the bank, shall we? Second, comfort. Does it welcome you like a cup of coffee? Third — and probably the most important — overall looks. How does that color and fabric work for you and your family? Believe it or not, you actually can have ALL of these things. We’ve rounded up 9 of the comfiest and most colorful couches that are budget-friendly without sacrificing any style. Your living room is lusting after each and every one of them, and you will be too.

1. Turquoise ($2,099): Not only is this the perfect place to rest your feet with a magazine, it also converts to a bed for housing those extra holiday guests.

2. Pink ($699): Every corner deserves a little bit of pinkand some storage. Believe it or not, this sofa bed provides both.

3. Blue ($1,000): It’s blue and covered in polka dots. Need we say more?

4. Green ($995): Here is the perfect example of a vintage makeover gone horribly right. We wouldn’t mind flaunting that bright green in our living room.

5. Red ($934): If you’re looking for a bright sofa with a modern build, look no further.

6. Purple ($1,010): Being a luxurious and royal color, purple is a hue you just can’t go wrong with. And it’s velvet? SOLD.

7. Yellow ($1,199): Every single time you sit down on this yellow couch, it will make you happy. You can even work from home with a smile now.

8. Orange ($899): Here is the perfect mix of mid-century and colorful modern. Who wouldn’t want to spend an afternoon reading on this couch?

9. Marsala ($2,199): It may be labeled red, but thanks to Pantone, we’re definitely seeing a Marsala couch right here.

Do you have a colorful couch in your home? Would you recommend it? Tell us your opinion below!