Sure, you’ve put succulents all around your home garden and have seen them featured as a centerpiece at every. single. wedding in recent years. But you best believe these tiny shrubs have so much more potential than just adorning bouquets and floral crowns. That’s what Australian artist Roz Borg thinks, anyway. This botanical expert genius is using succulents to create jewelry, artwork and designs for her nails. Yes, you heard right. Succulent manis are now a thing. And the results are stunning. Here’s a look.

1. Pop of Color: Each of the succulent nail looks Borg creates are true works of art. Take a look at the detail here! We can only imagine the amount of work it takes to create this colorful design for just one finger.

2. Welcome to the Desert: Here’s a peek at what a full on succulent mani looks like. Can you imagine walking down the aisle at your wedding with this stunning set of botany on your digits? No need for a bouquet here!

3. Fancy Fern: One of the highlights of these pretty designs (besides everything else about them) are the mix of shapes and colors in all the different succulents Borg uses. There’s so much variety in such a tiny little plant!

4. Green Thumb: Hello, beautiful! This pretty thumb art even got the attention of Nicky Minaj, who shared “OMG, incredibly beautiful.” We couldn’t agree more, Nick.

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