21 Creative Succulent Container Gardens to DIY or Buy Now
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21 Creative Succulent Container Gardens to DIY or Buy Now

Succulents have proven they’re THE stylish shrub to rock year round. It’s hard not to fall for these little guys when they instantly brighten up your space, hardly require maintenance and are just so darn cute! If you’re a fan of these quirky plant companions, make succulents a staple in your home or garden with a modern vertical succulent garden or an upcycled vintage frame garden. Read on to learn how to garden your succulents with one (or more) of these 14 creative container gardens.

1. DIY Geometric Succulent Terrarium: We love geometric errthing and this planter is one of the many reasons why. DIY this copper-inspired beauty to display your little plant bb’s. (via Doodle Craft Blog)

2. DIY Gold Splatter Succulent Planters: There’s nothing quite as creatively freeing as a good splatter paint sesh — especially when you’re crafting something beautiful for your home! (via A Kailo Chic Life)

3. DIY Foiled Geometric Succulent Planters: Transform your simple succulent planters into legit table flair when you introduce raw wood to gold foil. Time for a trip to Target! (via Mad in Crafts)

4. DIY Tin Can Planters: This is a great way to transform your old tin cans into something cute *and* useful. Another Mod Podge DIY FTW. (via Sisoo)

5. DIY Modern Indoor Planter: Step up your basic Ikea planter box game by adding colorful, painted stripes (you can thank the washi tape for the precision)! Even echeveria looks pretty in pink! (via Tell Love and Party)

6. DIY Aztec Print Succulent Pots: Transform your old terra cotta pots into these Aztec beauts *and* learn to gild! That’s right, you’ll be an expert at applying gold leaft after this DIY is done. (via Love and Specs)

7. DIY Tall Gradient Planter: Bring some celestial magic to your home decor with this spray paint DIY. Your plants have never looked so good! (via A Kailo Chic Life)

8. Bowl: It’s easy to grow your garden into a large bowl, though you might want to create a hole on the bottom for draining water. Whether you go for a bright and bold two-toned bowl like this one or a uniquely patterned one, the possibilities are endless. (via From Ezter With Love)

9. DIY Berry Basket Succulent PlanterRepurpose a plastic berry basket into a mini succulent garden with minimal effort. If you’re digging that fancy gold detail, use a gold leaf pen or gold acrylic paint for a more polished finish. Then fill the basket with dirt and baby succulents — see? Easy peasy. (via A Kailo Chic Life / Simple As That)

10. DIY Cinder Block Succulent Garden: Crafting cement + bright colors + cute succulents = perfection. To create your own miniature-sized colorful cement construct, you’ll need Maker’s Mix by Beacon, acrylic craft paint, a mini cinder block mold and faux succulents. Pro Tip: Get the precise lines you want with painter’s tape. (via A Kailo Chic Life)

11. Vintage Tea Tin Succulents: If you’re an avid tea-drinker and have quite the collection of tea tins going on, you’ll love this succulent container DIY. Gather your favorite tea tins and get them succulent-ready with dirt and maybe even decorative pebbles. Pro tip: If you plan to water, them as opposed to misting them with a spray bottle, poke a hole in the bottom of the tins to allow them to properly drain. (via Sarah Johnson)


12. Birdcage: Check out your local flea market for one-of-a-kind finds like a birdcage to showcase your favorite plants. For a bohemian eclectic vibe, choose a variety of containers that are different shapes and sizes. (via Lois Anderson / National Gardening Association)

13. DIY Cute Bowl Planter: These adorable sleepy chick bowls were actually painted over Easter bowls. If you’ve got a couple of bowls that can do with a makeover, lay on that spray paint. Use paint primer to ensure your new paint job is one you can enjoy for years. (via Minted Strawberry)

14. Wooden Tray: There’s just something about this look that’s so summer. Though the wooden tray itself is pretty simple, the white decorative stones transform this mini garden into a chic tabletop display. If you want to *really* amp up those summer vibes, swap out the white stones for sand. (via Craftberry Bush)

15. Cigar Box Planter: For a more rustic approach, create a garden out of a cigar box. If you don’t want to make a hole on the bottom of the box, line the inside with a small sheet of plastic (like a grocery bag) before adding soil. That way the liner will protect the box from absorbing any moisture from the soil. (via Dharmakarmaarts)

16. Succulent Monogram: It might require a little more effort, but if you’ve got the woodworking skills, try making this neat monogram-shaped succulent garden. Once you take a look at your finished handiwork, you’ll be proud of how you rose to the challenge. (via The Crafting Chicks)

17. Picture Frame: Create your own fancy vertical garden using a thrifted picture frame. Add a coat of paint in your favorite summer shade and get busy creating a unique assortment of succulents. Prolong the lifespan of your DIY masterpiece by opting for faux succulents. (via The Homespun Hydrangea)

18. SucculentWonderland Framed Vertical Garden ($195): There’s just something visually pleasing about this frame’s weathered wood in contrast to the bright, fresh greens. Whether you take on this look as a DIY hack or order the finished design, you can bet it’ll be a gorgeous focal point for any indoor or outdoor space.

19. Upcycled ContainerYou can pull off this effortless vintage look by upcycling an unused tin or box you already have or a find from the flea market. Apply a fresh coat of paint to freshen up and chic-ify the salvaged find. (via zchick1836 / Photobucket)

20. Upcycled Cheese Box: This DIY is as easy as it gets. Upcycle an old wine or cheese box or whatever wooden box you’ve got lying around, fill it with dirt and add your succulents. The finished shabby chic look is so simple you’ll want to do it with the rest of your houseplants. (via Simply Succulent)

21. Urban Gardens Web Modular Cylinder Planters ($29+): Put your DIY skills to the test or choose one of these five metallic shades, sets and hanging vertical garden kits for this truly one-of-a-kind urban garden. Not only do these stunning vertical gardens look cool, they can also help divide the space, whether they’re installed indoors or outdoors.

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