It all started with a sonogram. Munish Bansal started taking pictures of his wife Rita’s ultrasound images when she was pregnant, and once their little bundle of joy came into this world, he snapped a photo of daughter Suman every single day from infant, to toddler, to tween — all the way up to adult.

Last week, Suman turned 18 (happy bday, Suman!!) and to commemorate the big day, her father made her this enormous composite portrait that features all 6,575 photos:

The inspiration behind the daily documentation was simple. Munish explained: “I just wanted to make a memory to see how they changed day to day, because if you see a child on a month to month basis you can see a big change and I wanted to see that change.”

You can deeefinitely see that change in the video below that flashes up every single photo set to some pretty epic music:

We love the idea of taking things beyond the baby book and documenting your child or family’s journey in a unique and special (okay, and slightly techy!) way like this. Remember the dad who made that gorgeous time lapse video of his daughter Lotte with photos from birth to 14-years-old? We think Lotte and Suman have to get their papas some seriously thoughtful Dad’s Day gifts this year.

Do you have a cool photo project to share? New ‘rents, have you thought about doing something like this with your future, little offspring? Share below, we’d love to see!

(h/t + photos: Daily Mail)