The color yellow is certainly one of the cheeriest in the crayon box, and in this sunniest of seasons, you may want to impart that optimistic vibe via the name of your summertime babe. These girls’ names range from golden-toned names like Aurelia and Goldie to sun-related Soleil and Sunny to the bright yellow blossoms found in the garden. Here are our 12 best yellow names.

Little girl in daffodil field

1. Blaine: From a Scottish surname meaning “yellow” in Gaelic (it has other meanings as well), this would be a subtle nod to the cheery color. A unisex name a la Blake and Blair, Blaine had a huge surge of popularity in the 1880s (when tied to a presidential candidate); it now ranks at #690. It was the name of the dreamboat character in Pretty in Pink and also appeared in Glee. Trivia tidbit: Jennifer Lawrence has a brother named Blaine.

2. Cressida: Delicate, mythological, and Shakespearean, Cressida is a golden name that deserves a lot more love, which might come to it via its Hunger Games appearance. Cressida Cowell is the author of the How to Train Your Dragon books and Prince Harry had a well-publicized girlfriend named Cressida back in the day. Though never in the US Top 1000, Cressida is now #533 on Nameberry.

3. Daisy: A flower name that never seems to lose its upbeat freshness. Originating as a nickname for Margaret, Daisy has featured in American classics Daisy Miller and The Great Gatsby, and it was picked most recently by celebs Saffron Burrows and Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis for their daughters. Its rankings? 190 in the US, 20 in England, 84 on Nameberry and… #3 for dogs.

4. Flavia: An ancient Latin name with a golden blonde meaning, Flavia — pronounced FLAH-via, has lots of literary allusions and is currently well used in Italy at #64, as is the male Flavio; it would make an unusually flavorful choice here.

5. Isabelline: An Isabel cousin and color name you’ve never heard of, but which could make a truly distinctive choice. Also sometimes known as Isabella, it’s a pale grayish-yellow color most often used to describe the coats of horses and birds.

6. Marigold: A vintage flower name with a sunny golden feel and tie to the Virgin Mary that has recently moved from the “is it too quirky?” to charmingly nostalgic, especially after an appearance as Lady Edith’s daughter on Downton Abbey. It’s up at #437 on Nameberry.

7. Orla: This lovely Irish name for girls connected to the legendary Irish high king Brian Boru means “golden princess” and has Harry Potter cred, as well as a welcomed straightforward pronunciation — as opposed to the original Irish version, Órfhlaith. Orla is a Top 30 name in Scotland, #74 in Ireland, and 106 in England and Wales.

8. Primrose: The name of a sweet flower often found in a yellow hue, Primrose still has a quaint, old-fashioned aura despite its attachment to Katniss Everdeen’s sister in The Hunger Games. Number 365 on Nameberry, it has never ranked among the most popular names in the US, but is 259 in England and Wales — and could start to catch up here.

9. Saffron: As well as being a pungent and precious spice name, Saffron is also applied to its rich golden-yellow color. British actress Saffron Burrows is an attractive current bearer; Saffron was the sane daughter character in Absolutely Fabulous. Rockers Simon Le Bon and Tony Kanal both have daughters named Saffron, which is now #541 on NB and 642 in England.

10. Tansy: If Pansy has some lingering negative associations, consider the rarer Tansy, the name of a flower with clusters of bright yellow blossoms. Tansy Truitt was a character on Hart of Dixie and the name Tansy gets a mention in A Song of Ice and Fire, the Game of Thrones series.

11. Topaz: One of the most exotic and stylishly sophisticated of the gem names, the golden Topaz is the birthstone for November and would make a great choice for a girl born in that month.

12. Xanthe: Pronounced “zanthee” but starting with the eye-catching X, this Greek name derives from the word meaning “yellow” and is found in the epics of Homer. Its exotic allure has won enough fans on Nameberry to reach #313.

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This post was previously published on Nameberry by Linda Rosenkrantz.

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