Pack your bags, you’re going to summer camp! You heard right — adults around the world are headed for nostalgic (or not so nostalgic) woodsy getaways in the spirit of adventure. Still in the planning stages? You may want to think twice about a road trip or Amtrak excursion to some far off destination once you hear about these 13 thrilling adult sleep-away camps. Scroll on for adult summer camps that’ll capture your inner child’s imagination — or at least serve up a mean cocktail among your new friends.

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1. Dirty Dancing Camp, Pembroke, VA: Pack your dancing shoes, Baby! Enjoy a weekend at the Kellerman’s Mountain House in the dreamy small town where Dirty Dancing was originally filmed. Come prepared for a swingin’ dance party in Mary’s Barn.

2. Lindenmere Adult Summer Camp, Henryville, PA: Get ready to relive your childhood summer camp experience in the heart of the Pocono Mountains, but with a whole lot more booze! Let the adventurer in you out with activities like canoeing, mountain biking, yoga, and even flying trapeze.

3. Camp Grounded, Mendocino, CA: Say goodbye to all your electronics at this unplugged camp located on the Northern California Coast. Regain your childlike wonder through laughing yoga, candle making, analog photography, solar carving, and stimulating conversations with other adults — sans smartphones.

4. Bacon Camp, Ann Arbor, Michigan: Do you love bacon? Do you love it so much that you’d like to meet other bacon aficionados? Look no further than this magical Bacon Camp in the Midwest. Listen to bacon music (that’s a thing?) and eat TONS of delicious pork dishes, from candied bacon creme brulee to pork belly.

5. Zombie Survival Camp, Ontario, Canada: Learn how to take on RL zombies at this summer camp — you know, just in case there’s ever a serious Walking Dead-style outbreak. There are four three-day camps being held in Ontario this year with lessons in Krav Maga, archery, and other survival basics. Sign up ASAP, and order some combat boots while you’re at it.

6. The Raymond Blanc Cookery School, Oxford, United Kingdom: Escape to the beautiful English countryside to perfect your culinary skills alongside expert chefs. By the end of camp, you’ll be delighted by your exquisite macarons and ah-mazing seafood cooking abilities.

7. Camp Wandawega, Elkhorn, WI: Travel back in time for an authentic camping experience you never knew you needed. Known for its array of campsite dwellings, you could find yourself sleeping in anything from a teepee to a tree house to a log cabin. Does it get any cooler? Nope!

8. Ace Camps Travel Company, Various Locations: This unique company gives you the opportunity to travel with your best buds anywhere in the world to learn a new skill from talented locals, whether it’s block printing in India or ceramic tile making in Portugal. Talk about the trip of a lifetime!

9. Wanderlust, Various Locations: Let your yogi light shine at a camp that was designed for you. With mountainous locations all around the world, it’s never been easier to get inspired to live your best life.

10. Surfing Australia HPC, Casuarina, Australia: Boost your surfer babe vibes at one of the most famous surfing capitals in the world. Sun-kissed hair, bronzed skin, and some gnarly wave riding talent will just be a few of the treasures you’ll take home with you from this awesome camp.

11. Astronomy Camp, Tucson, Arizona: Reach for the stars at this stellar camp filled with warm nights under the mysterious dark sky. Learn how to operate star-gazing instruments for a truly out-of-this-world experience.

12. Broadway Fantasy Camp, New York, NY: Sing and dance at this lively camp built for aspiring entertainers. Play the role of your fave Broadway character in full costume and cherish your five-minutes of fame.

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