From capture the flag victories to arts and crafts creations, we’re reminiscing about our time at summer camp. Even if your memories only go so far as having watched Salute Your Shorts or Wet Hot American Summer, there’s something so nostalgic about settling lakeside for weeks of outdoor adventure and endless goofing around. We can’t stay bunked up forever, so why not try these 35 ways to makeover your home with summer camp-inspired decor.

1. Colter Edition Yellowstone Blanket ($314): Channel your inner explorer with this wool throw dedicated to the first ever national park. It’s only appropriate that this blanket comes in mustard yellow!

2. Zinc-Top Table ($280): Can you believe that a game of pick-up-sticks turned into this gorgeous side table? This one-of-a-kind creation is handmade with twigs collected from the creek beds of Ohio.

3. Eco-wise Wool Blair Loveseat ($1,700): With accent pillows featuring a classic Pendleton pattern, this loveseat definitely belongs in the great room of a lodge. We imagine sitting on this sofa next to a fireplace with a cup of hot cocoa.

4. Vintage Felt Pennants ($22): If your favorite summer camp activity was capture the flag, then you need these vintage pennants. Pin them to your wall to show off your history of competitive prowess.

5. Glass Globe Oil Lantern ($40): There’s nothing like the comforting glow of a lantern lighting up your bunk after a round of convincing ghost stories. This yellow oil lantern has thermal resistant glass durable for pulling an all-nighter.

6. Canoe Shelves ($226): Need a new use for that banged up canoe? Take it from water-logged to literary shelter with a flat base and fresh coat of paint.

7. Splashed Coat Rack ($980): This colorful coat rack is a splatter painted masterpiece. Did your arts and crafts projects ever turn out looking this epic?

8. Cardboard Taxidermy ($30): Keep a clean conscience when you go buck wild with this cardboard taxidermy deer head. Assemble this woodland prancer from laser-cut pieces like a 3D puzzle.

9. Arrow Throw Pillow Cover ($20): Hit your mark with this decorative throw pillow cover. If it turns out archery just isn’t your thing, then you can always fall back on pillow fighting.

10. Mango Slice Mirror ($38): This mango wood mirror slice makes chopping wood look glamorous. Its leather strap is great for hanging on a decorative hook or toting around incase you ever need to start a fire.

11. Heritage Trays ($58): We can think of so many ways to use these versatile porcelain trays. Try serving up a roast beef (they’re microwave and dishwasher safe), as a catch-all for your turquoise jewelry ,or simply as a decorative display.

12. Patina Flourish Easel (2,800): There’s nowhere more awesome to display your most precious art pieces than on the winding branches of this iron easel. What would you set on this functional sculpture?

13. Handcarved Cartesian Table ($798): This geometric wooden table is a great gathering space for group game nights. We vote for a lively game of charades!

14. Weather Painted Oar with Stripes ($59): Antique-painted oars give a classic campground feel to whatever walls they rest on. Tie them together crossbones style with some nylon cord or prop them up outside your surf shed.

15. Pony String Lights ($19): These pony-shaped party lights will have you shouting “Hi ho Silver!” at your next house party. String these stable dwellers indoors or outside, there’s nothing neigh-gative about them ;)

16. Anatolia Stool ($998): For those who dig the rustic outdoors, there’s camping. For those who can’t leave the luxury behind, there’s glamping. Rough it in style with these glistening glass mosaic stools.

17. Botanical Frame ($58): Whether your bunk is surrounded by burgundy maple leaves or pretty petaled daisies, display your summertime floral finds in between the clear panels of this zinc frame. Just remember, “leaves of three, let it be!”

18. Exeter 5-Jar Pendant ($149): Do you know all the amazing things you can do with a Mason Jar? This reincarnation turns a jumble of glass jars into a rustic chandelier.

19. Twig and Birch Shelf ($44): This twig-lined shelf is a must have for any mountain mansion. We love that natural materials like birch bark are tamed by geometric branch patterns.

20. Handpainted Feather Candles ($35): Keep the blazing colors of the sunset burning all night long with these hand painted feather candles. They look right at home in cast-iron candle holders or a faux antler candlestick!

21. Kantha Armchair ($998): Hang up your hiking boots and sit a spell in this comfy armchair. Ornate stitching and fawn colored fabric make this seat near perfect cabin decor.

22. US Map Pallet Art ($140): One man’s trash is another man’s national treasure. A hand-painted US map pumps up the patriotism of this pallet board wall art.

23. Felt Campfire ($94): The only Smokey the Bear-approved way to play with fire! But now that you’ve got a felt campfire, who’s bringing along the felt s’mores supplies?

24. Porcelain Woodland Nightlight ($10): These cute critters are the ultimate camping companions. Each woodland animal is battery powered, so their soft glowing light will shine wherever you decide to pitch your tent.

25. Basket Maker Camp Stool ($298): Saddle up anywhere with this handy portable stool. We’d tote this seat along with us to our next picnic!

26. Moonbeam Tapestry ($59): If you were considered an indoor kid at camp, then this woodland scene tapestry is just for you. Revel in the beauty of the great outdoors from the comfort of your own bed.

27. Garden Hose Hook ($12): This garden hose hook is one of the kookiest home accessories we’ve seen! Drape everything from tea towels to jewelry around this red knob.

28. Ultrasoft Flannel Comforter Cover ($40): Was Paul Bunyan the original hipster? He sure rocked a flannel right, now copy his style with this snuggly red plaid comforter cover.

29. Dreamlight ($35): When was the last time you chased after twinkling fireflies? This solar-powered dreamlight does all the work for you – just sit it in the sun all day to power it up for a gorgeous glow at night.

30. Welcome Camp Signs ($70): Remember when your friendly counselor welcomed you to camp with a killer high five? Keep the memories of ear-to-ear smiles alive with these rustic camp welcome signs.

31. Faux Antler Chandelier ($999): This faux antler chandelier is a majestic centerpiece lifted straight from the lobby of a mountain ski lodge. Its a great fixture to hang over a pool table or card table.

32. Arrowhead Nightstand ($1,500): We’re in awe of the skilled craftsmanship behind this reclaimed wood nightstand. Pretty much every piece of this dresser was handmade, from its hand-pounded handles to its hand-painted arrowhead designs.

33. Bamboo Basket Bathroom Accessories ($28): Bamboo has always been both sturdy and eco-friendly, and now it’s an integral part of your summer camp-inspired look! We love the laser engraved patterns.

34. Handcarved Owls ($128): These hand carved owls are quite a hoot! Let them stand guard at your table side on top of their salvaged horseshoe perch.

35. Beci Orpin Dreamcatcher ($19): Sleep tight with this colorful dreamcatcher hanging overhead. Playful pom poms and wooden beads are sure to dazzle you into a sound slumber.

Would you decorate your house with pieces that remind you of your days at summer camp? What else would you add to this roundup? Tell us in the comments!