It’s summertime, so naturally your office decides to blast the air conditioner so high that it feels like the Ice Age. Rather than resigning yourself to the cold and just shivering at your super organized desk, try putting on a few light layers that will help acclimate you to the confusing climate. Here are 12 tips on how to deal with the office AC during the summertime.

caridians overskirt

1. Cardigan Over Skirt: This combo is perfect to expose a little leg while still keeping warm. Make sure your cardigan is light so you can easily layer it over a nice blouse or a sleeveless top. Don’t forget to layer some jewelry to make the look complete. (via Extra Petite)


2. Two Looks in One: If you are looking for a seamless sartorial look, then this is for you. Wear a sleeveless dress over a pair of pencil pants for an outfit-appropriate look that you know Beyoncé would be proud of. #Flawless (via WGSN blog)

Paris Fashionweek ss2014 day2, Leandra Medine, outside Balmain

3. Fake Layers: When you aren’t feelin’ the whole layered thing, trick your peers by wearing a shirt that has layers incorporated in it, like Man Repeller Leandra Medine. This look will still keep you warm, but its light material is perfect to layer easily over a funky skirt. Add some loafers, and you will be proud of how stylish you look with such little effort. Go you! (via A Love Is Blind)


4. Cover Your Shoulders: If you are too cool to layer up, then why not just layer on? Get a stylish leather jacket and place it on top of your shoulders for an overall #lazygirl fix. Let the office be your runway while you walk to the copier to just casually print some papers. NBD. (via The Fashionista)


5. Layer Under Dress: Even though we don’t have the luxury of drinking in the office anymore like Don Draper, this retro look is still pretty office appropriate for dealing with the frigid AC conditions. Just take a cute dress and layer it over a long-sleeve blouse for some extra dimension. Add a small necklace under the collar for some much-needed texture too. (via Keiko Lynn)


6. Light Trench: Sometimes one jacket will do the trick. Wear it over a bright skirt and a loose blouse with some major handbag game. This outfit can also be easily transitioned into a nighttime look for those days when you just have to get out of the office to hit happy hour with your girls. (via Atlantic Pacific)


7. Wear It Thin: If you HAVE to wear a suit, but the walk to and from your office is unbearably hot, try wearing a thin linen material. With breathable textiles, you won’t look like you just ran a marathon after walking into the office. (via Zara)


8. Peplum It Up: When you need to look polished but still want to be comfortable, a light blouse underneath a peplum shirt will add some major flare. Add a pop of lip color and a stylish bag, and your coworkers will wish they had thought to wear your outfit to work instead. (via Girl With Curves)


9. Sheer Clear: Nothing is better than working some sheer material into your outfit. It will keep you warm and it is easy to layer, and adds intrigue without showing too much skin. #HRProblems (via COS Stores)


10. Keep It Short: Forget the traditional trousers and try something new by wearing a short suit. You will still look sophisticated with a structured blazer and a pair of matching shorts. Add some heels and a tailored shirt to really amp up the professionalism. (via Gal Meets Glam)


11. Lose the Sleeves: We want this look in our closet now. With a sleeveless blazer layered over a pair of culottes and a thin, long shirt, this look has #GIRLBOSS written all over it. (via Ohh Couture)


12. Lay It Over: If your office is a little bit more casual than most, then try wearing a thin sweater over a chic dress. Rock a pair of ankle boots and a matching bag for a bit of sassy edge. (via Vanessa Jackman)

What are your tricks for keeping warm while you work in the office? Tell us in the comments below!