It’s the first of August people! And even though we’re not going back to school anytime soon, we’re all about channeling that school-supply-loving spirit to make our workspaces as creative and functional as they can be. We’re kicking off an entire month devoted to organization while you work, whether you’re tricking out your workspace, heading back to school, or simply trying to add a touch of creativity to your office. To start things off right, let us take a stroll down memory lane to 30 past posts that are all about making a beautiful workspace.

1. Inspiring Maker Spaces: We’ll begin with a bit of inspiration. This article is all about beautiful maker spaces from folks who spend their days covered in confetti to the textile-rich offices of Free People. The one thing they all have in common? Well organized supplies!

2. Creative Workspace Ideas: Onto more feasible workspace ideas for your home. It’s important to look away from that computer screen throughout the day, and what better thing to look at than wall art? Okay, a window might be a little better but we like this option just the same.

3. Color Block Interiors: We’re all about the aesthetic of a super minimal white, gray, and beige office with bold pops of color throughout. These shelves are just what the color doctor ordered.

4. Wall-Mounted Desks: If you’re living in a small space, we’re all over ways to condense. The wall-mounted desk is one such way, and we’ve gathered up 22 that just might fit the bill for your little nook.

5. Delightful Desk Chairs: It’s tough to find a desk chair that is supportive, affordable, and nice to look at. We scoured the web for a whole bunch of options that fit at least two of these requirements ;)

6. DIY Standing Desks: Tired of sitting around all day? It’s been shown that working while standing, at least for part of the day, is better for your physical health and productivity.

7. Worknest Dream DIY Desk: How gorgeous is this entire setup? It’s a totally customizable space including custom shelves, short walls you can add the side of your space, and all sorts of homes for pens, plants, and the like.

8. Ping Pong Conference Table: For real? Why yes. Created by the folks at Poppin, this gorgeous white conference table also doubles as a ping pong table. Just make sure your ping pong court, er, conference room is fairly soundproof.

9. Pallet Top Desk: Pallets in every size, shape, and form? Don’t mind if we do. This desk was made all the more rustic with help from a repurposed and nicely aged pallet.

10. Lap Desks: Uh huh. Lap desks still exist and are actually pretty darn handy.

11. Desk Organizers: First things first, you need a catch-all home for all your odds and ends. This mixture of goodies you can buy and stuff you can DIY is a great place to start.

12. Cover Your Cords: No one actually likes how their plethora of cords looks on their desk or in their home, so cover ’em up. From wooden beads to washi tape, we’re sure there’s a style for your space.

13. To-Do Lists: Never underestimate the power of a to do list! Whether you keep it online, offline, or both, make sure you keep your tasks as organized as your desk.

14. Embellished Wooden Organizer: This DIY pencil holder is a lovely combo of rustic and blinged out, perfect for someone who loves to make things.

15. Declutter Your Cords: Even pretty cords get cluttered! But guess what, there’s a DIY hack or clever product for that!

16. Color Block USB Fans: Aside from essentials, it’s good to bring a little personality to your desk. Our most recent workspace upgrade, color block fans, will add a breeze of color and fresh air to your desk in an instant.

17. Floppy Disk Planters: At this point, these geek chic planters of ours are an oldie but a goodie! We love using those old school disk labels to name your plants and write down how to care for them.

18. Washi Your Workspace: We’ve got it bad for washi tape. On our notebooks, on our mousepad, and on our keys!

19. Desktop Wallpapers: And what about your digital desktop? Add a punch of color and inspiration to your screen space with one of these pretty “papers”.

20. Handmade Desk Lamps: A desk lamp can instantly cozy up any space. We found a whole bunch of beautiful handmade lamps that are just waiting to illuminate your desk.

21. Wooden Wall Caddy: Got a small desk but lots of wall space? Bring that organization and creativity to the wall! We used ours to organize sunglasses, scarves, and those pesky cords.

22. Color Block Clocks: A play on the classic color wheel, each of these clocks is made of two colors and their combo on a cork trivet. To put them on your desk you could attach a frame at the back or use one of those decorative plate stands.

23. Create a Living Workspace: Urbio is a cool system that lets you create a living workspace. Fill vessels with plants, pencils, and more, and keep it all on the wall for space maximization.

24. Go Muji or Go Home: Finally, you get to go shopping! Don’t you remember how fun it was to buy school supplies back in the day? We recommend Muji products across the board, but their stationery section is a good place to start.

25. Colorful Desk Accessories: Or go less minimal and mod than Muji and color up your desk! I mean, who can say no to a note on a sushi notepad?

26. Unusual Tape: Who knew that tape came in so many colors and patterns? We’re digging all the ways you can customize your space using nothing but tape.

27. Noteworthy Notebooks: Even if you are all about using your collection of devices for keeping track of what’s going on, a good notebook is a good friend. Some of the most creative ideas can come out of an impromptu brainstorm using paper and pen.

28. Bold Bookends: Love collecting art and design books for inspiration? Keep them on your desk but keep ’em in check. We particularly like these rustic wooden ends.

29. Pimped Out Pens: It’s true. Pens can totally be pimped out. From scented to sparkly, taking notes doesn’t always mean you need to stay in the lines. Our favorite option is this one by Wacom that combines a stylus with a regular ink pen.

30. Quirky Lighting: Finally, a few more options for illumination. Who knew the cone of shame could be so darn cute?

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