While some say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, we beg to differ. If you ask us, your #hotd (handbag of the day) is the real winner. Besides its potential to elevate any look, there are countless styles and options to pick from. Scroll on for 20 summer bags and clutches that will have you saying, “but I WANT that bag.”


1. Palm Beach Pouch ($48): To fully cement your #beachbum4lyfe status, this cheeky Palm Beach pouch is obligatory. You know what they say: “work hard, play harder.”


2. Sweet Watermelon Clutch ($35): Pinch us, please! TBH, after rocking a clutch this sweet, we don’t think an ordinary one will ever suffice. Now bring on the cute cutout dresses and espadrilles.


3. Vibrant Sunrise Beach Tote ($168): Rise and shine with this stunning beach tote that will have you emitting positivity wherever you go. Carry it en route to your morning yoga sesh to add a bold punch to your workout threads.


4. Mini Sydney Crossbody ($225): We’ve uncovered the perfect festival bag, and in electric pink no less. Stylish and compact, this is the cross-body bag that you’ll be reaching for time and time again.


5. Straw Tote With Tassels ($148): Tassel game strong. Consider this to be the ultimate tote to stow away your farmers’ market treasures or reading material for an afternoon spent poolside.


6. Sandbridge Tote ($88): From the Outer Banks to the Hamptons, we’ll be flaunting this preppy, striped tote all summer long. Its simple design and versatile structure are perfect for packing all of your beach essentials… and then some.


7. Lemon Leather Pouch ($78): We recommend this pint-sized pouch for the lemon lady who prefers life to be a little more sour than sweet. Use it to store your makeup essentials or incorporate it into your #ootd for a #winning look.


8. Tassel Pouch ($60): Because there’s no such thing as too much color, we’ll gladly accept this Aztec-inspired pouch. With a boho flair and no shortage of tassels to go around, this clutch is a winner on all fronts.


9. Tennis-Printed Fanny Pack ($225): Granny called, and she wants her fanny pack back. If you’re bold (or shall we say cool) enough to rock this tennis-inspired pouch, then hats off to you.


10. Tribal Maxi Tote ($245): Where there’s a multi-colored straw tote, rest assured that a maxi won’t be trailing too far behind.


11. Cause a Stir Tote ($126): Any outfit paired with this festive tote is guaranteed to “cause a stir.” Alright, Kate Spade, we got the message. Cheers!


12. Splash Out Bikini Clutch ($90): Spotted: The quintessential striped clutch to pair with your itsy-bitsy-polka-dot bikini. Cat-eye sunnies (unfortunately) not included.


13. Texas Beach Bucket Bag ($68): Please excuse us while this bohemian bucket bag conjures visions of playing hacky sack on the beach and sippin’ San Pellegrino from the can.


14. Wing It Pineapple Cross-body ($348): I have too many pineapple cross-body bags… said no one ever. Just remember, a pineapple a day keeps the summer blahs away.


15. Malibu Canvas Tote ($55): We may be a tad biased, but we’re always reppin’ the Best Coast, aka the West Coast. Until further notice, we’ll be California dreamin’ with this retro Malibu tote.


16. Leather-Trimmed Crochetet Cotton Clutch ($420): If it’s a Friday after 5pm and you’re not sporting this vibrant, crocheted cotton clutch, then you’re really not doing it right. Now all that’s missing is some guac and chips.


17. Summah Rope Tote ($35): As summah is in full swing, it’s safe to say that you’ll need an extra-roomy tote for all of your impromptu adventures. Be it the beach or a picnic in the park, this tote has you covered.


18. Sweet Grapefruit Bag ($45): Hello, carefree, hands-free summer. Not only will this charming grapefruit bag serve as the perfect companion to your little white eyelet dress, but you’ll be the envy of the town.


19. Sunnies Canvas Tote ($20): So many sunnies, so little time. Channel your inner style chameleon by giving this funtastic tote a spin around the neighborhood.


20. Cooperative Patent Mini Saddle Bag ($30): Calling all minimalist enthusiasts: Here’s a turquoise saddle bag that will be perfectly in line with your “less is more” aesthetic. With just enough room for the essentials (read: cash, ID and lip gloss), this bag is quickly going to become your jam.

Which of these summer bags and clutches will you be investing in? Tell us in the comments below!