Summer is a fabulous time to spend a little more time with friends. Think: outdoor get-togethers, patio cocktails, beach bonfires… we could go on and on. And if you’ve been a little sick of hanging with your BFF in the same old air-conditioned confines, we’ve compiled a few of our favorite summer hangout sessions to add a little more flavor to your QT with your besties.

1. Take A Little Trip: If work tends to dominate your weekday schedule, plan a fun weekend getaway with your friends and get packing.

2. Summer Cocktails: Is it just us or do summertime cocktails just taste better? Grab your BFF and enroll in a mixology class or just opt for a happy hour at home with a new concoction you’ve been dying to try. Bottoms up!

3. Pack a (Breakfast) Picnic: We’re all about taking our lunches off the table and outside, but sometimes the summer heat makes for a sweaty mess. Switch things up for a bit and pack a breakfast picnic instead! Grab some of your favorite fresh fruits, your handy DIY picnic kit and a canister of your favorite pressed juice. Not only are you spending some sweat-free fun in the sun with your gal pals, but you’re knocking out the most important meal of the day.

4. Go to a Craft Fair: There are tons of craft fairs this season (West Coast Craft, Renegade Craft Fair, etc), so you and your buds are sure to find something to get those creative juices flowing. And did we mention that Re:Make is right around the corner?

5. Let’s Go for a Ride: It can be pretty tough to clock in some exercise time during the hot summer months. If you and your bike gang are looking to stretch your legs a little, plan a bike route and get moving! (We also recommend DIYing this picnic basket/backpack for any impromptu park hangouts.)

6. Take a Calligraphy Class: Can’t break free to head to SF or ATX for Re:Make? No probs. Grab your gal pals and take a calligraphy ($20) or letter press ($20) class online.

7. Ice, Ice, Baby: We’re obsessed with homemade popsicles. Check out these recipes or brainstorm with your bestie and create your own.

8. Head to the Boardwalk: We love the idea of tossing your essentials in the perfect warm-weather tote, throwing on some cute summer sneakers and killing time on the boardwalk. And yes, cotton candy is mandatory.

9. Make It a Double (Scoop): There’s something about a hot summer day that makes a scoop of ice cream impossible to resist. Venture out and treat yourselves to a double scoop, or if you’d rather partake in your favorite frozen flavors at home, feel free to whip up your own.

10. Go to a Silent Disco: You’ve probably never experienced live music like this. Grab some wireless headphones, head to the beach or park with your girlfriends and give it a try! (Photo via HUSH Concerts)

11. Make a Splash: Don’t live near the coast? No prob. Opt for super tall water slides and wade pools at your local water park. We recommend bringing a donut float or two.

12. Take an LED Electronics Class: If techy crafts are more your style, sign up for a LED class ($20) so you can nerd out together building lots of cool robot-esque stuff.

13. Start a Summer Reading Club: We’ll be spending some serious time playing outside this summer, but we’re also cracking open a book or two. Brainstorm some titles with your buds and start with something to get those crafty maker ideas flowing. Brit Tip: Make & Give is our must-read of the summer.

14. Float On: Sometimes a day at the pool or on the river is all you need. Bring your buds together for a day of floating, sipping and chatting in the sun.

How will you be spending QT with your gal pals this summer? Share in the comments!