Hot on the heels of Sephora’s unexpected announcement that its points would soon have an expiration date, Target just revealed the axing of its Cartwheel perks program. And shoppers are not pleased.

The changes will roll out in October, but the big box retailer says it’s not the end of the Cartwheel experiment altogether. “Creating simple, convenient, and fun digital tools for Target guests means listening carefully to guest feedback and regularly making adjustments based on what we hear,” according to a statement from the Bullseye (via CNBC). “That’s why we’ve begun phasing out the pilot Cartwheel Perks program.”

Cartwheel Perks launched as a pilot program last September as a study in how to reward the store’s loyal customers — Denver, Houston, San Diego, St. Louis, and, Raleigh-Durham, NC. The retailer is putting the kibosh on the rewards rather abruptly: Shoppers will stop earning perks by August 27 and must redeem them by September 27.

The announcement definitely confused some committed Cartwheel shoppers, who thought it meant the end to the program altogether. The store was sure to clear up that the beloved discount program wasn’t going anywhere, just merely getting some tweaks.

But despite assurances, lovers of the bullseye don’t seem to be on board with the new developments. Perks lovers took to Twitter to share their disappointment.

Others were just disappointed in the big box.

And the news ruined some people’s days.

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(h/t Refinery29; photos via Scott Olson, Frazer Harrison/Getty)