As pride celebrations begin to take place, rainbow clothing becomes not just popular, but basically all-encompassing. From multicolored wigs to tiny rainbow flags, the events are a colorful affair to say the least – and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Whether you’re looking for the perfect rainbow-dipped ensemble for a pride celebration or you just want to show your support for the community, Target is here to help.


The red-and-white retailer has added a few more colors to their label for their recently launched #TakePride collection. Whether you’re in need of swim trunks, a bow tie or a power bank for your cell phone (you know, from all those epic Insta snaps), the 31-item lineup is sure to have some rainbow action for everybody. The pieces start at $7 and tap out at $20, so go ahead and snag a couple of your favorites.


In a statement about the #TakePride collection Target writes, “We’re making our message loud and clear: Target proudly stands with the LGBT community, both as a team member and team player through all that we do — from our volunteer efforts to our long-standing partnerships with groups like Family Equality Council and Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network, to the very products we carry in our stores and online.”


While all of the pieces are very obviously designed with Pride Month in mind, each and every item will totally work in your wardrobe after the celebrations have ended. Because c’mon, rainbow never really goes out of style.

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