We know, we know. You read the headline and thought to yourself, wait are they really doing a DIY project involving high school and/or college graduation tassels? Well the answer is no! The tassels we’re talking about are handmade, suede, and chic as the dickens. Best of all? You can make ’em too.

 – suede (small pieces or scraps should do)

– chains + clasps

– earring hooks

– large cord ends

Tools: hot glue gun, needle nose pliers, scissors

For all three of these projects, we started out with 3 pieces of suede.

Cut each color of suede to 5 by 10 inches.

Fold over and cut almost all the way, so you create a fringe. Repeat with all your pieces.

From these pieces, you’ll cut off portions for each accessory.

First, earrings! Cut off about an inch for these in 2 colors. Roll them up and use hot glue to secure at the end. To attach to your earring hooks, use a large cord end and glue the top of the tassel in. Then use pliers to hook in your earrings and you’re done.

Next, the pendant necklace.

For this one, we cut off 2-3 inches of the fringed suede, in 3 colors. Layer the pieces of suede on top of one another and roll! Glue, as you did with the necklace, and secure with a cord end. Use a jump ring and pliers to attach to any chain.

Last, the statement piece. We used the remaining material for this, and shortened it up quite a bit.

Roll up your little tassels, secure with cord ends, and attach to a chunky chain (found at the hardware store).

Boom! Statement! :)

Have you tried creating tassels before? What about tassel accessories? Talk to us in the comments below.